4OZ 8OZ Clear Flat PET Plastic Jar

8oz clear flat PET plastic jar
Item No: zh-138
Material: PET
Capacity: 4oz,8oz
Unit price range: $0.2-0.3
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Place of origin: Shenzhen,China

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Itemempty 4 oz 8 oz clear flat PET plastic jar
Sealing typewith plastic screw cap
Materialwe use 100% new PET material, food grade, non-toxic, no-harmful, safety
Applicationit can be used for cosmetic cream, food snack or powder as long as you want.
Paymentnegotiable. T/T, Paypal, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.
Lead time15 deays after payment
Company typefactory, supplier, manufacturer, located in Shenzhen,China
Additional serviceavailable sample, OEM&ODM, custom color, LOGO printing.


  • 4oz & 8oz – we show you the 4oz and 8oz, also called 120ml and 250ml.
  • PET material – we use 100% virgin PET material, food grade, clear natural color, food grade, non-toxic, safety.
  • screw cap – its 89mm neck wide mouth, fit with black plastic cap, also can be fit with metal aluminum cap.
  • multi-use – not only perfect for cosmetic cream, skin care, body oil, but also great for food, snack, powder, tea, peanut butter, cookie, candy, sweet, etc.
4oz clear flat PET plastic jar


PET plastic jar possesses characteristics such as durability, good clarity, a good moisture barrier, and tends to be impact resistant. These PET plastic jars are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Contact us to select the best one which suits your needs. You also can click to find more plastic jars.

  • Light weight - the materials used to make plastic jars are all less dense, smaller than metal jar and glass jar in terms of the same volume of container mass.
  • Low cost - plastic jars are cheaper overall because of their lower material cost and easier manufacure.
  • Reliable protection of products - now many plastic jars are made of composite materials, with good chemical stability and barrier. the combination of bottom, cover and jar body adopts reliable sealing structure, so the inner contents can be reliably protected.
  • Good mechanical strength - although the mechanical properties of plastic jars are slightly lower than that og metal jar and glass jar, they are enough for packaging general products and rarely cause strength damage.
  • Good shelf effect - the surface of plastic jars is easy to print and decorate, which is of great benefit to attract customers and promote sales.

PET plastic jar has so many advantages that they are widely used in the food packaging and cosmetics packaging industry, compared with traditional jar, it is more light, suitable for long-distance transportation. Its transparent packaging combined with personalized label stickers and screen printing, making the product look very beautiful and dynamic. At the same time, consumers can closely observe the product inside, this makes their shopping experience more perfect.

With the development of the market, although PET plastic jar can not completely replace other material jar, but with the change of consumption habits, the growth of this market is an inevitable trend, the future of PET plastic jars will get better and better.

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empty 4oz clear flat PET plastic jar
empty 8oz clear flat PET plastic jar

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