5 Best Plastic Bottles For Juice You Can Buy Online!

We all know that the best time to have a bottle of fresh juice is as soon as it has been made – some of people don’t have this option at all, but they still have a positive, healthy juice selection.

Preparing a bottle of fresh juice for a busy life every day is a way to bring you confidence and happiness. That’s what I’m writing this article today. I recommend some useful juice containers for you. You can fill your fresh juice in these containers and take them with you.

All I recommend are plastic containers, because they are unbreakable, it’s okay you put them in the car, or take subway with them. If you only need a few or more, you can buy online at Amazon, and if the number is large, you can also customize it on Zhenghao website.

5. ZMYBCPACK 12 Pack 13.6 OZ (400 mL) round Plastic Juice Bottles

  • material: PET
  • shape: cylinder round
  • capacity: 13.6oz (400ml)
  • cap: black lid
capacity13.6oz (400ml)
height8.07” (20.5cm)
diameter2.16” (5.5cm)


  • It is a unit of 12 bottles, this means that you get 12 empty bottles in one unit.
  • They are food-grade, eco friendly, refillable, and 12 reusable bottles meet your consumption for months. You don’t have to spend time buying new bottles every month.
  • Cylinder round bottle shape, clear bottle body, with large black lid, it’s the classic VOSS style bottle shape, use it to packaing fresh juice, you will always remind yourself to timely replenish water and vitamin c.
  • Last but not least, their prices are not high, with an average unit price of more than $1.

4. DilaBee 12 pack 16 oz square plastic juice bottles

  • material: PET
  • shape: french square
  • capacity: 16oz
  • cap: tamper proof cap
height6.6” (16.7cm)
diameter2.5” (6.35cm)


  • It is a unit of 12 bottles, this means that you get 12 empty bottles in one unit.
  • Sealable – Square bottles come with tamper proof caps that form airtight, leakproof seals to ensure that your juice are fresh, so that you can fill the bottles and keep them fresh for a whole day, So you can drink fresh juice all day.
  • Multi-use – ideal container for storing your fresh juice, lemon juice, apple juice, vegetable juice, banana milk, sand ice, milkshake, whether you take it to school, go to an event, go to a field trip, or just in the office. Of course, in addition to juice, it is also the perfect bottle of other drinks, such as coffee, green tea, etc.
  • French square – This is also the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other bottles, in fact, you can see that this french square 16 oz bottle is very popular among buyers.

3. Pro Dispose 10 pack 12 oz square plastic juice bottles

  • material: PET
  • shape: square
  • capacity: 4oz,8oz,12oz,16oz
  • cap: tamper proof cap


The number of item is 10 pack. It’s the similar price as the others, and you’ll just have to choose the size you need.

Some buyer said, “these bottles will be perfect for milk, creamers, juice on camping trips! “. In the pictures they took, the bottles and the lids were separated, but were tightly packed with a thin film. The dust and dirt will not be contaminated. Such a clean bottle customer can be assured of packaging food and beverages.

2. DilaBee 12 pack empty 8 oz french square PET juice bottle

  • material: PET
  • shape: square
  • capacity: 8oz
  • cap: tamper proof cap

Buyer Reviews:

“I really love these little bottles. The lids seal tightly and they are the perfect serving size for my homemade juices.” When you put your colored fresh juice in this 8oz bottle (such as tomato juice, kiwifruit juice), you will find it is so small and cute, it is easy to carry, put it in your small backpack with you, will not take up a lot of space, and it will always remind you to drink juice like an elves. You can also label it and remember what you think is important.

1. custom your own design juice bottle by zhenghao

5 best plastic bottle for juice

There is no best, only better. In Zhenghao, what you customize is the best. You can refer to our existing beverage bottles on this page, tell us your actual needs, our engineers will provide you with a complete set of solutions, if you need mass production with customization, please do not hesitate, Zhenghao is your best choice.

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