750ML PETG Flat Plastic Bottle

empty 750ml PETG flat plastic bottle
Item No: zh-065
Capacity: 750ml
Material: PETG
Unit price range: $0.4-0.6
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Port: Shenzhen, China


Itemempty 750ml PETG flat bottle with metal lid
Sealing typemetal cap
Applicationfor olive oil, red wine, as you want.
Paymentnegotiable. common ways are okay.
Lead time20 days after payment
Shippingmass goods is by sea
Company typemanufacturer, supplier, factory, located in Shenzhen,China
Additional servicecustom bottle mold, silk screen printing, labeling


Neck size28mm
Neck length9cm
750ml PETG flat plastic bottle size


  • PETG material. a hard durable plastic with high transparency, good gloss, easy printing and eco-friendly advantages.
  • Food grade. it widely used in beverage, food packaging as you want.
  • Flat design. this unique flat design usually used in wine packaging, oil packaging.
  • Metal lid. the black metal lid is about 5cm, it is screwed on the neck.

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This flat PETG bottle is perfect for wine, oil or other liquid, if you need more design of food bottles, please contact us for info.

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