800ML Flat Plastic Wine Bottle

800ml flat plastic wine bottle
Item No: zh-154
Material: PETG
Capacity: 800ml
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Unit price: $0.3-0.6
Place of origin: Shenzhen, China


Itemempty 800ml flat plastic wine bottle
Materialplastic PETG material
Applicationperfect for wine packaging bottle.
Paymentnegotiable. T/T, PayPal, Credit, Western Union, Money gram is okay.
Lead time20 days after payment
Company typefactory, manufacturer, supplier, located in Shenzhen,China


PETG material – this plastic wine bottle is made of PETG material, food grade, BPA free, with clear bottle body.
Flat shape – it seems that flat bottles are very popular now, and flat designs make your wine bottles more special. custom more flat-shaped design bottle for your own design.
Metal lid – wine bottles with metal caps seem more natural, it looks more valuable than a plastic cover.
Special for wine – a special packaging bottle for wine, such a flat bottle with small mouth can only hold liquid, and in fact, it is special for wine. wine is a kind of beverage, we also provide more beverage plastic bottles at Zhenghao.
Custom made – plastic bottles with PETG material is more expensive than the pet bottle, so many sellers design their new plastic bottles to hold high-end products.

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wholesale 800ml flat plastic wine bottle
PETG 800ml flat plastic wine bottle

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