8 OZ 16 OZ Round Black Shampoo Bottle

8oz 16oz black round shampoo bottle
Item No: zh-005
Capacity: 8 oz 16 oz
Material: PET
Unit Price Range: $0.2-0.4
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Sample: available

Product Video

video of 8 oz 16 oz shampoo bottle


Itemempty 8 oz 16 oz round black shampoo bottle
Sealing Typewith black lotion pump
Shapeboston round shape
Applicationperfect for shampoo, hand wash, body wash, lotion, etc.
Lead Time20 days
Paymentnegotiable. T/T, Paypal, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.
Shippingsample is by DHL express, mass goods is by sea.
Company typemanufacturer, factory, supplier, located in Shenzhen, China


neck size28mm28mm
black shampoo bottle specific size

More Pictures

The shampoo bottles we see in the supermarket are all wrapped in plastic film. In this case, the pump head is rotated to the tightest possible position and repackaged with a plastic film to prevent leak during transportation. And the undamaged plastic film also lets consumers know it’s a new bottle of shampoo. They are not only suitable for shampoo but perfect for lotion containers.

8oz 16oz PET black shampoo bottle
8oz 16oz boston round black shampoo bottle


How to rinse out an empty shampoo bottle?

Primary condition is to make sure your shampoo is over.
Put some warm water in the 1/3 of the bottle, cap it and shake vigorously from top to bottom.
Secondly, pour out the bubble-filled water, pour it into clear warm water, and shake it over and over again.

How to reuse shampoo bottles?

Rinse out an empty shampoo bottle according to the above tip, then refill the liquid or lotion into the bottle. and use as a plastic flower vase or anything you want.

How to open the pump head when it is locked?

Just see below two pictures, one is the locked pump, and the other is the unlocked pump. What you need to do is holding tightly the bottle by one hand, and turning the pump head counterclockwise with the other hand, then the pump is opened.

But locking it up is different. Hold the bottle tightly with one hand, and press the pump head to the bottom with the other hand, at the same time, turn the pump head clockwise until it barely rotates, then it locked.

black shampoo bottle pump
locked pump
pump of black shampoo bottle
unlocked pump

white design of 8oz 16oz bottle

It can be used for hand wash, here is another white design version for your reference, with same design:

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