Black Plastic Bottles

Black bottles are one of our hot sale products, as are black jars and black tubes. The black Boston bottle is our best seller, one is the 8 oz and 16 oz PET Boston round bottles, the other is the 16 oz and 32 oz HDPE Boston round bottles. They are our very popular lotion bottles, perfect for shampoo, handwash and body wash. In addition to black cosmetic bottles, many buyers also like black bottle which for household cleaner and car care.

The advantage of black bottle is that it is resistant to dirt and stay new for a long time, and the black color is low-key and elegant. The black is not the natural color of bottle, so no matter what color you see the bottle you like, we can make it black.

As a professional black bottle manufacturer, we can customize more colors besides black to give you the best solution for packaging bottles. Now let’s enjoy these sleek black PET bottles and matte black HDPE bottles.

Hot Sale Black Plastic Bottles

black cosmetic bottle and jar

cosmetic black bottle tube

hot sale PET black bottle and jar, PE black tube, they are perfect for cosmetic lotion.
4OZ PET fine mist spray bottle

4 oz PET black bottle

4 oz 120ml PET black bottle, with fine mist spray, suitable for liquid, perfume, spray.
8oz 16oz black round shampoo bottle

8 oz 16 oz black bottle

8 oz 16 oz boston round black bottle, with PET glossy black color, great for handwash, liquid soap.
empty 250ML Black PET Foam Pump Bottle

250ml foam black bottle

250ml PET black bottle with foaming pump and outher cap, perfect for foam soap.
30ml mini HDPE sauce bottle

30ml HDPE black bottle

small mini 30ml HDPE black bottle, with twist cap, squeezable for sauce condiment.
empty 30ml PET black bottle

1 oz PET black bottle

1 oz PET black bottle, glossy surface, with black screw cap, for liquid, chemical, ink, etc.
black soft plastic cosmetic lotion tube

cosmetic black soft tube

PE black soft tube, flip top cap, perfect for cosmetic cream lotion, also suitable for travel use.
empty 500ml matte black HDPE bottle

disc cap black bottle

500ml 16 oz disc cap black bottle, with matte black surface, perfect for hair shampoo packaging.
250ml 300ml clear PET plastic sauce bottle

250ml sauce black bottle

250ml PET sauce black bottle, perfect for salad dressing, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, etc.
150ml HDPE flat black cream bottle

cream lotion black bottle

150ml flat black bottle, squeezable and flip top cap perfect for cream lotion packaging,
4oz black PET plastic cosmetic jar

4 oz PET black jar

4 oz PET black jar with silver plastic cap, wide mouth and straight edge, ideal cosmetic cream container.
4oz plastic tanning oil bottle

4 oz flat black bottle

4 oz 120ml flat bottle, HDPE matte black color, with flip top cap, perfect for tanning oil.
black 40ml PET plastic bottle for lotion

40ml PET black bottle

40ml PET black bottle, with white plastic cap, perfect for cosmetic liquid, portable.
8oz boston black pet pump bottle

250ml pump black bottle

250ml slim PET black bottle, with lotion pump, perfect for cosmetic lotion.
8oz flat black PET cosmetic bottle

8 oz PET flat black bottle

8 oz PET flat black bottle, perfect for baby shampoo lotion, very cute for kid and child.
500ml plastic pomade hair cream jar

16 oz black plastic jar

16 oz black plastic jar, plastic HDPE material, so good for hair shampoo, pomade, and hair conditioner.
500ml matte black lotion bottle

500ml pump black bottle

500ml boston round black pump bottle, matte black color, perfect for shampoo lotion packaging.
empty 30ml black pp jar

30ml 1 oz PP black jar

30ml 1 oz PP black jar, small and mini jar, suitable for beauty cream. skincare lotion, personal care products.
500ml black trigger spray bottle

16 oz spray black bottle

16 oz HDPE black bottle with mini trigger sprayer, suitable for salon, hair spray.
120ml PET flip top bottle

120ml PET black bottle

120ml PET black bottle, with flip top cap, perfect for body lotion packaging.
1oz small ink bottle

1oz HDPE black bottle

mini 1oz HDPE black bottle, differ from PET black bottle, suitable for chemical liquid, ink.
1l boston round black PET bottle

1L 32 oz PET black bottle

1L 32 oz PET black bottle, with glossy black bottle, disc cap bottle for lotion packaging.
1 litre HDPE shampoo bottle with pump

1 litre HDPE black bottle

1 liter HDPE black bottle, a perfect shampoo container, they are hot sale and popular with our buyers.
5oz disc cap squeeze cream bottle

5 oz disc cap black bottle

5 oz disc cap black bottle for lotion, match with disc cap, differ from flip top cap.
600ml matte black plastic jar

600ml black plastic jar

600ml 20 oz black plastic jar, HDPE matte black color, also perfect for chemical powder.
1L black plastic protein powder jar

1L 32 oz HDPE black jar

lL 32 oz HDPE black jar with red cap, a suitable container for packaging protein powder.
1l black spray plastic bottle

1 liter spray black bottle

1 liter HDPE black bottle, with trigger spray, for household, chemical cleaning.
1 liter cleaning spray bottle

1 liter trigger black bottle

1 liter trigger spray black bottle, with irregular shape, ideal container for car care and household care.
120ml 250ml plastic fuel additive bottle

black fuel additive bottle

120ml and 250ml PET black fuel additive bottle, with long neck and flat shape.
500ml empty plastic ink bottle

500ml ink black bottle

500ml HDPE black bottle for ink packaging, also can be used for chemical liquid, reagent.
2.5L HDPE plastic bottle with handle

2.5 L plastic black bottle

2.5 L rectangle plastic black bottle, suitable for motor oil and engine oil.
2.2L black plastic container

2.2L HDPE black bottle

2.2L HDPE black bottle container, with handle, used for chemical industrial liquid packaging.
special design penis bottle

penis shaped black bottle

special penis shaped black bottle, it is multi-use, for beverage, liquid, chamiel, as long as you want.

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Are you black bottles supplier or manufacturer?

Yes! we are the black plastic bottles supplier and manufacturer. In fact, all of our plastic bottles can be customed in black color, not only they are PET or HDPE material, but also other plastic material. Black plastic bottles are always calm and mature, suitable for all occasions, so they are liked by many buyers.

why are black plastic bottles so hot sale?

On the one hand, speaking from physics, dark black bottles prevent light from passing through, preventing the item from breaking down or forming chemical reactionsblack.
On the other side, black plastic bottle is noble and elegant. PET black bottle is glossy and smooth, they are as bewitching as spirits that shine in the night. HDPE black bottle is matte and calm, their unique frosted texture makes people feel comfortable.
Not only black bottles but also black jars and containers are popupar and favored by buyers.

Can they only be black color?

The bottles we show you above are all black, because their black versions are the best sellers. Most of them made the bottles black, some of them put black labels on the natural color bottles to make them look mainly black. Of course, when you reach a certain quantities, we can customize the color according to your needs.

About the products and supplier

Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of black bottles, most of them are cosmetic packaging, a few are used in household and chemical spray.
A wide variety of black bottle options are available to you. Such as HDPE or PET material, round or square shape, pump, flip top cap or screw cap. You can also get free samples to check quality from Zhenghao.
We are located in shenzhen,China, our top supplying countries are North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of cosmetic plastic tube respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.
You can bulk buy our hot sale black bottle, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.
We can customize different black bottle, including but not limited to these types, if you have your own brand design, we are happy to help you realize it.

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