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Chemical industry bottle is one kind of our products. Here you can find our more plastic bottles. Chemical bottles are used for chemical powder, liquid, ink, car care, etc. industry bottles include fuel oil bottle, motor oil and engine oil bottle. Custom more chemical industry bottle at Zhenghao.

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    About The Empty Chemical Industry Bottle


    We are a certified chemical industry supplier and manufacturer, we wholesale over 100 kinds of chemical industry bottle on our website, we own over 10 year’s experience make chemical bottle and industry bottle. There are a wide variety of chemical industry plastic bottle, whether you need fuel bottle, oil bottle or liquid bottle, chemical powder bottle, we can offer you.

    Zhenghao Plastic is a China top supplier, we have the ability to custom your chemical industry bottle with your LOGO and label, they are mostly used for chemical industry container. If you need to buy chemical industry bottles, Zhenghao can help you realize it at competitive price.


    Are you chemical container bottle factory?

    Yes! we are the end factory, we custom and wholesale chemical container bottle with plastic material, they are widely used in chemical industry field.

    What’s your mOQ of chemical industry bottle?

    Usually our MOQ is 10,000 pieces for common design, but for your special or big capacity design, we can reduce the moq appropriately.

    What about the price of chemical industry bottle?

    Prices vary depending on capacity, material and design. from 30ml to 5 liter, the price will between $0.2 to $3. We are the end factory, we will provide you the best packaging solution with factory price.

    What does the chemical industry bottle contain?

    Chemical industry bottles usually include engine oil bottles, fuel additive bottles, chemical liquid bottles, pesticide bottles, cleaning bottles, chemical powder bottles and so on.

    What’s material of chemical industry bottle?

    Most chemical industry bottles are made of HDPE material, its feature is matte surface. A few of them use other materials, such as PET, PP and PETG.

    About The Supplier

    Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of chemical industry container bottle, most of them are made of HDPE plastic material.
    A wide variety of chemical industry options are available to you. Such as container or bottle design, HDPE or PET material, small or big capacity. You can also custom your own special design from Zhenghao.
    We are located in shenzhen,China, we mainly supply to North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of chemical industry container respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.
    You can bulk buy our high quality plastic container, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.
    We can customize different chemical industry packaging, including but not limited to these types, if you have your own branded design, we are happy to help you realize it.