Cosmetic Plastic container Bottles

Plastic cosmetic container is the general term of cosmetic packaging, which includes plastic cosmetic bottles and plastic cosmetic jars, which are indispensable in daily life. As a professional plastic cosmetic container manufacturer, we will give you the best cosmetic packaging solution.

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Cosmetic plastic bottles are our most important and largest category of products. our cosmetic plastic bottles are of high quality. We have been engaged in the production of plastic cosmetic bottles for more than ten years, with hundreds of ready-made mold bottle.

We also help customers to customize their branded cosmetic bottles. Of course, plastic cosmetic containers are more often the same as plastic cosmetic jars with lid, they capacity is usually 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz. 1 oz is small size for travel or sample use.

We wholesale our empty plastic cosmetic container all over the world, Australia and UK are our biggest buyers. As a China supplier, we are looking forward to doing business with more buyer from different regions and countries.

Cosmetic Plastic Containers

Here we show dozens of high quality cosmetic plastic bottles, which are some of our hot sale products. If you need OEM solution, please contact us, we are confident that we can realize your design idea.

clear plastic cosmetic containers

empty hand soap plastic foam pump bottle

hand foam pump bottle

100ml 180ml 250ml PET foam pump bottle for sale, great for hand sanitizer, foaming soap, cleanser products.
empty 60ml square flat PETG lotion bottle

2 oz PETG cosmetic bottle

with flip top cap, square rectangle shape, perfect for lotion, cream, special cosmetic packaging.
6oz personal care plastic bottle

6 oz personal care bottle

180ml PET clear blue boston bottle, with fine mist sprayer, suitable for facial mist, body spray
350ml clear plastic liquid soap bottle

PET liquid soap bottle

300ml 350ml PET round liquid soap bottle, with LOGO printed, perfect handwash, liquid soap container.
mini plastic 30ml spray bottle

30ml mist spray bottle

1 oz small mini size, portable, refillable, reusable, ideal travel container for fine mist.
8oz clear flat PET plastic jar

8 oz clear PET cream jar

clear plastic jar container for beauty cream, personal care lotion cream. hot sale and popular item.

small plastic cosmetic containers

Empty 40ML Travel Size Cosmetic Lotion Bottle

40ml flat cosmetic bottle

squeezable flat cosmetic bottle with HDPE material, perfect for shampoo, cosmetic lotion packaging, travel use.
plastic double wall cosmetic bottle

double wall lotion bottle

60ml cute double wall lotion bottle, perfect lotion bottle for baby or children.
40ml PET plastic bottle for lotion

40ml mini cosmetic bottle

round 40ml white or black PET bottle, match with screw cap, flip top cap, and mist sprayer.
30ml plastic perfume spray bottle

1 oz perfume spray bottle

30ml small mini spray bottle for perfume, custom your own perfume spray bottles.
pet plastic 60ml spray bottle

2 oz PET spray bottle

2oz 60 ml white fine mist spray bottle, we can do custom any color as you want.
black soft plastic cosmetic lotion tube

black soft lotion tube

black soft tube is perfect for shampoo lotion, facial cleanser, from 20ml to 300ml.

Wholesale plastic cosmetic containers

black cosmetic bottle and jar

black cosmetic bottle jar

hot sale black cosmetic containers, PET bottle and jar, PE tube, they are perfect skin care packaging.
120ml pink cosmetic spray bottle

4 oz pink cosmetic bottle

cute pink HDPE cosmetic bottle, mist sprayer with outer cap, perfect packaging for skin care lotion.
empty 8oz blue plastic cosmetic pump bottle

8 oz blue cosmetic bottle

250ml clear blue bottle, an ideal cosmetic container for hand wash, shampoo, hair conditioner.
amber HDPE cosmetic bottle

amber HDPE cosmetic bottle

30ml 150ml 1000ml boston round HDPE cosmetic bottle, a set of brown cosmetic bottles.
220ml plastic cosmetic cream bottle

220ml flat cosmetic bottle

flat square 220ml green cosmetic bottle, with flip top lid, popular sunscreen cream packaging bottle.
100ml essential oil bottle with dropping pipette

essential oil bottle with pipette

100ml rectangle plastic cosmetic essential oil bottle, with glass pipette.
1 litre HDPE shampoo bottle with pump

1L HDPE cosmetic bottle

boston round 1 liter matte black cosmetic bottle with lotion pump. perfect for shampoo, hair conditioner and oil.
4OZ PET fine mist spray bottle

4 oz PET cosmetic bottle

white and black 120ml cylinder round cosmetic bottle, perfect for fine facial mist, body spray.
empty 250ML Black PET Foam Pump Bottle

8 oz foam pump bottle

PET black 250ml foaming pump bottle, perfect for liquid soap, custom your own handwash bottle.
5oz disc cap squeeze cream bottle

5 oz flat cosmetic bottle

150ml flat matte black bottle with disc cap, suitable for body oil, cosmetic cream lotion.
8oz flat black PET cosmetic bottle

8 oz PET cosmetic bottle

PET flat 250ml black pump bottle, perfect for cosmetic packaging, ideal shampoo lotion bottle.
empty 500ml matte black HDPE bottle

16 oz black HDPE bottle

500ml 16 oz boston round cosmtic bottle with disc cap, matte black color, perfect for cosmetic oil.

plastic cosmetic containers with lids

empty 250ml amber plastic bottle

8 oz amber boston bottle

250ml amber boston round bottle for shampoo, lotion, also can be matched withd other caps.
4oz pink cosmetic plastic bottle

4 oz pink cosmetic bottle

120ml pink lotion bottle with flip top cap, great for cosmetic lotion and cream oil.
500ml black trigger spray bottle

16 oz trigger spray bottle

match with mini trigger sprayer, best container for hair salon spray and household spray.
300ml square shampoo lotion bottle

300ml flat cosmetic bottle

10 oz flat square cosmetic bottle, a multi-use packaging container, which used for lotion, cream.
plastic 500ml PET shampoo bottle

500ml amber lotion bottle

brown and amber 500ml 16 oz lotion bottle, with disc cap, custom more design of lotion bottles.
empty 250ML Square HDPE Shampoo Bottle

250ml square HDPE bottle

8 oz square rectangle white HDPE pump bottle, perfect ideal container for shampoo, handwash.
800ml round PET pump bottle

800ml boston lotion bottle

boston round shape brown and amber lotion pump bottle, 800ml, 26.7oz, PET glossy surface.
white HDPE square pump bottle

square cosmetic bottle

250ml 500ml and 1000ml square rectangular white pump bottle, they are perfect for shampoo lotion, hand wash.
500ml matte black lotion bottle

500ml black lotion bottle

16 oz 500ml matte black lotion pump bottle, custom your own cosmetic lotion bottle.
120ml PET flip top bottle

120ml PET lotion bottle

120 ml white black cylinder PET cosmetic lotion bottle, with flip top cap.
8oz 16oz black round shampoo bottle

boston cosmetic bottle

hot sale 250ml and 500ml boston round cosmetic bottle with lotion pump, logo printed.
4oz plastic tanning oil bottle

4 oz flat tanning oil bottle

120ml flat squeezable flip top cap bottle, perfect tanning oil packaging bottle.
150ml HDPE flat black cream bottle

150ml black cream bottle

empty 150 ml matte black flat squeeze bottle, ideal packaging bottle for cosmetic oil.
2oz PET plastic bottle

2 oz PET cosmetic bottle

wholesale small plastic bottle, for cosmetic spray packaging. custom your own design.
white PET hand wash bottle

PET hand wash bottle

8 oz 16 oz boston round white hand wash bottle, with lotion pump, best hand sanitizer bottle.
Empty 500ML White HDPE Lotion Pump Bottle

500ml white pump bottle

white 500ml pump bottle with purple bottom, great shampoo lotion packaging.
empty 8oz amber lotion bottle

300ml amber lotion bottle

amber round PET bottle with black lotion pump, suitable for handwash, body wash, shower gel.

empty plastic cosmetic containers

100ml flat cream lotion bottle

100ml flat cream bottle

empty 3 oz flat brown flat cream bottle for cream lotion.
4oz black PET plastic cosmetic jar

120ml PET cosmetic jar

wholesale 4 oz glossy black wide mouth plastic jar, for cream lotion.
empty 30ml black pp jar

1 oz 30ml PP cosmetic jar

small PP jar, perfect for beauty cream, skincare lotion.
150ml pink plastic cosmetic jar

150ml pink cosmetic jar

empty 150ml pink plastic cosmetic jar, with cute color, great for beauty cream products.
empty 150ml thick wall cosmetic jar

150 ml thick cosmetic jar

thick wall purple PET plastic cream jar, match with plastic screw cap
empty 250ml HDPE cosmetic jar

8 oz white cosmetic jar

250ml white HDPE jar with red plastic lid and wide mouth.
plastic pink cosmetic tube bottle

pink cosmetic jar tube

cute pink plastic cosmetic container, HDPE cosmetic bottle and jar, PE tube.
500ml plastic pomade hair cream jar

16 oz black cosmetic jar

500ml matte black HDPE cosmetic jar, perfect for hair mask and pomade.
600ml matte black plastic jar

600ml black cosmetic jar

20 oz tall matte black HDPE jar, used for cosmetic, food, powder, etc.
empty 250ml plastic PET cosmetic jar

250ml PET cream jar

a perfect container for beauty cream, blue jar with brown lid.
empty 60ml flat PET cosmetic jar

2 oz 60ml flat cream jar

flat straight edge, green jar with orange cover, custom any color as you want.
empty 120ml PET amber cream jar

4 oz 120ml amber PET jar

a hot sale design of 4oz amber PET jar with straight edge.
eye cream soft tube packaging

eye cream soft tube

eye cream soft tube is usually 20ml and 30ml, with gold color lid.
empty plastic lip gloss soft tube

lip gloss soft tube

plastic lip gloss soft tube, usually is 8ml, 10ml, and 15ml, with special section.
100ml plastic soft tube

100ml flip top soft tube

100ml plastic soft tube is perfect container for facial cleanser, hand wash.
30ml hand cream soft tube

30ml cream soft tub

30ml cream soft tube is a perfect container for shampoo lotion, hair conditioner when travel.
Empty BB Cream Packaging Soft Tube

bb cream soft tube

this bb cream soft tube is also a cosmetic container, with special cover lid.
Wholesale Pink Facial Cleanser Tube

pink facial cleanser tube

pink plastic soft tube, custom 150ml and 200ml size, best for facial cleanser.

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specifications of cosmetic container bottles

BrandZhenghao, supplier and manufacturer
Colorblack, white, pink, red, green, blue, grey, amber, brown, purple, yellow, orange, any color as long as you want.
Capacityfrom 20ml to 1000ml.
For salewholesale, manufacture, distributor are okay.


Are you a cosmetic bottle supplier or manufacturer?

Yes! we are a professional cosmetic plastic bottle, jar and container supplier, also manufacturer and end factory. Not wholesaler, distributor, or agency. So we can provide you the best factory price.
And we have customized so many plastic cosmetic packaging, cosmetic plastic packaging is our main products, we own the ability to help you build your cosmetic or personal care brand.

Do you also do logo printing?

Yes! In order to provide our customers with a complete solution, we provide LOGO printing, label sticker, etc. Custom your special label or LOGO, the decoration labeling makes plastic cosmetic packaging so beautiful and unique.

where can i order packaging for cosmetic bottle tubes?

Please don’t remember we are a professional cosmetic plastic bottles supplier, not only cosmetic plastic bottles, but also plastic soft tubes. our cosmetic bottles and tubes are are widely used in many area, shopping malls, supermarkets, retail stores, large enterprises, etc.

What are cosmetic bottles used for?

Including personal care bottles and makeup bottles, common used for: shampoo, lotion, cream, cleanser, body wash, hand soap, oil butter, etc. This broad definition includes a variety of skin-to-skin products used to improve skin conditions.

About the product and supplier:

Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of plastic cosmetic containers, most of them are plastic cosmetic bottles, some are plastic cosmetic jars.

some hot sale cosmetic container bottles for your reference

A wide variety of plastic cosmetic container options are available to you. Such as HDPE, PET and PP material, round, square or flat shape, lotion pump, flip top cap or screw cap. You can also get free samples to check quality from Zhenghao.
We are located in shenzhen,China, we mainly supply to North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of plastic cosmetic containers respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.
You can buy our food grade and safe plastic cosmetic containers, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.
We can customize different plastic cosmestic containers, including but not limited to these types, if you have your own branded design, we are happy to help you realize it.

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