Ear Washer Bottle System Kit

Ear washer bottle system kit
Item No: zh-162
Item: a set of ear washer system
Used for: ear wax removal tool
MOQ: 5,000 pieces
Place of origin: Shenzhen, China

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Itema set of ear washer bottle system
Also known asear wax removal tool, kit
Applicationremoving ear wax and cleaning antrum auris
Paymentnegotiable, T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.
Lead time20 days after payment
Shippingmass goods is by sea
Company typemanufacturer, supplier, factory, located in Shenzhen,China

System accessories

The empty spray bottle is our main item, find more spray bottles at Zhenghao. For the whole system, it’s a good household use item, here to find more household plastic bottles.

These are common accessories, you can match them according to your needs, of course, the simplest package is an empty bottle and spray. It’s okay for us if you own other special accessories and want to custom different system. These accessories are listed below.

a set of ear washer bottle system kit
  • empty bottle
  • spray
  • basin
  • syringe
  • tips
  • dropper bottle
  • towel
  • plastic bag
  • curette

extra small tips

The small tube is connected at the end of the spray, and this part is usually extended directly into the ear canal, with extra tubes so that new tubes can be used every time without worrying about pollution after the last use. whether you used it yourself or someone else last time.

Sometimes there are a few more replacement tubes, and your ear washer bottle system can be used several times more. This will also help you save money.

small tip of ear washer bottle system kit


This basin is used to pick up water. When the water flowing into your ear canal keeps coming out, they fall directly into the basin instead of running around and splashing on your face, body and clothes.

This basin can also be designed to be more special, the side of its back to us can be designed to a space that fit the shape of your ear, so that the basin matches your ear perfectly, in order to ensure that the water will not leak out of the gap.

basin of ear washer bottle system kit


Obviously, towels are used to absorb water, when all the operations are complete, there is still some water in your ears. Dry it with a towel, although the towel can’t reach the ear canal, at least keep the outside dry.

Perhaps sometimes in the process, the water will accidentally leak out, splash on the face or your body, do not cherish your towel too much, dry it.

towel of ear washer bottle system kit


Curette is familiar to everyone, it is not necessarily used in this process of washing ears, it is more used when cleaning earwax or relieving itching.

A set of curette often contain more complete function, like different lengths of currette or dead skin removal tools, etc., these small metal tools are put together in a packaging box to make it easier for you to find and use next time.

curette of ear washer bottle system kit

dropper bottle

The small glass dropper bottle is about 5ml, with silicone syringe and glass tip. The earwax solution is usually kept in it, sucked out with the silicone syringe and injected into the ear canal whenever needed.

dropper bottle of ear washer bottle system kit


When all the accessories are complete, you need to decide how to package a whole set of ear washer system in plastic bags or paper box. It is recommended that you consider their individual volume and total transport volume.

plastic bag of ear washer bottle system kit
paper box of ear washer bottle system kit

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