Food Plastic Bottles

Food plastic bottles are the plastic containers that store food, including bottles and jars. They are also our main products, which include ketchup bottle, sauce squeeze bottle, honey bottle, food jar, cookie jar, candy tube, spice bottle and condiment bottle, broadly speaking, beverage juice bottles can also fall into this category.

Ketchup bottle is our main food bottle of course, and LDPE ketchup bottles are the most widely produced, it features food grade, soft and squeezable, and is the most common sauce bottle on the market. We wholesale empty LDPE sauce bottles, from mini 2 oz to large 32 oz. Recently, we have also customized several PET ketchup bottles, whose advantage is that it can fully show the fresh ketchup color and arouse people’s desire for food. In addition to ketchup, they are ideal container for oil, vinegar, salad dressings, hot sauce, bbq sauce, etc.

Cookie jar is also our main food container. our 8 oz and 16 oz PET jars are our hot sale design, they feature food grade, wide mouth, straight flange, metal aluminum lid, sealing container, they are also great for candies, ice cream, butters, jam, dry tea, herbs, snacks, marinades, jellies.

As a great plastic food bottles manufacturer, we are happy that to help you customize your own packaging bottles, and will give you the best food packaging solution. Here are our some food packaging bottles for your reference.

Good Design Food Bottles & Jars

350ml LDPE squeeze sauce plastic bottle

350ml soft sauce bottle

350ml empty LDPE soft sauce bottle, squeezable, perfect for tomato sauce, salad dressing, bbq sauce.
30ml mini HDPE sauce bottle

1oz mini condiment bottle

1 oz mini small condiment bottle, with twist top, plastic HDPE material, matte black color.
empty pp plastic spice shaker bottle

PP spice shaker bottle

PP spice shaker bottle, match with different shaker lid, ideal container for salt, pepper and sugar.
PP food grade container with divider

PP food divider container

200ml PP plastic food container, with three divider, special cover lid for food packaging container.
empty 300ml fire hydrant plastic bottle

fire hydrant sauce bottle

special unique design of fire hydrant bottle with screw lid, clear PET material, perfect for colored sauce.
250ml 300ml clear PET plastic sauce bottle

clear PET sauce bottle

250ml 300ml clear PET sauce bottle, with twist lid, ideal container for hot sauce, chili sauce.
empty squeeze ketchup plastic bottle

LDPE ketchup bottle

8 oz 16 oz 24 oz 32 oz LDPE soft squeeze ketchup bottle, great for ketchup.
clear plastic test tube with screw cap

plastic candy test tube

wholesale plastic candy test tubes, with aluminum cap, suitable for packaging colored candy.
plastic light bulb bottle

plastic light bulb bottle

colored light bulb bottle, with plastic PET material, perfect for christmas candy.
250ml PET plastic jar with lid

8 oz food plastic jar

8 oz food packaging plastic jar with metal lid, perfect for candies, cookies. bulk buy from China factory.
empty 500ml PET food packaging jar

16 oz cookie plastic jar

16 oz 500ml cookie plastic jar with aluminum cap, straight sided, perfect for snacks and chocolate container, for kids use.
20oz clear PET plastic jar

600ml clear PET jar

empty 600ml 20 oz clear PET jar, wide mouth, food grade, BPA free. high quality and wholesale price.

Tell Us What You Want Now!

are you food packaging bottle supplier?

Yes! We are professional China supplier of plastic food packaging bottle, PET bottles and PET jars are widely used in food packaging field. We use 100% PET virgin material, they are food grade, safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, it is the best plastic material for food packaging.

What plastic is used for food packaging bottle?

The plastic material for food bottles must be safe, harmless, eco-friendly, food grade. We use PET, PP and LDPE materials a lot. Generally, different materials are used for different foods market, many bottle designs have been used for many years.
Sauce ketchup bottles are made of LDPE material, its feature is soft and squeezable, very suitable for the use of sauce bottle.
PP food bottles need to withstand a certain high temperature, which is the advantage of pp material.
While food container like candy cookie jar, the customer prefer to see the products, so the clear body is the best choice for producer.

About the products and supplier

Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of food plastic bottles, most of them are food bottles, a few are liquid bottle.
A wide variety of food plastic bottle options are available to you. Such as PET or LDPE material, round or wide mouth shape, metal cap or plastic screw cap. You can also get free samples from Zhenghao.
We are located in shenzhen,China, our top supplying countries are North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of food plastic bottles respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.
You can bulk buy our high quality food plastic bottles, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.
We can customize different food plastic bottles, including but not limited to these types, if you have your own brand design, we are happy to help you realize it.

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