Hand Soap Plastic Foam Pump Bottle

empty hand soap plastic foam pump bottle
Item No: zh-083
Capacity: 100ml, 180ml, 250ml
Material: PET
Unit price range: $0.2-0.4
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Port: Shenzhen, China


Itemempty hand soap plastic bottle with foaming pump
Sealing typefoaming pump with spring rigging and clear snap
Size100ml, 180ml and 250ml
Applicationa hand soap dispenser for hand wash, liquid soap, facial cleanser, etc.
PaymentT/T, PayPal, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc. negotiable.
Lead time16 days after payment
Shippingmass goods is by sea.


empty hand soap plastic foam pump bottle size


  • Made of Clear PET Plastic, non-toxic and BPA-Free.
  • Each bottle includes a clear snap-on overcap to ensure the contents do not spill while carrying.
  • Good foaming pump. makes more delightful fluffy foam with less soap, save money and source.
  • Spring mechanism makes dispensing super easy. The bottle can be reused and refilled.
  • Multi-use. not only for hand wash, but also for shampoo soap, and other lotion liquids.

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This design is usually packaged with hand sanitizer or facial cleanser as it comes with foaming pump for personal care products, they also can be used for shampoo packaging. Click here for more shampoo bottles.

100ml Foam Pump Bottle pictures

180ml Foam Pump Bottle pictures

250ml Foam Pump Bottle pictures

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