How To Bottle And Sell Your Own Sauce?

If someone tells you that your sauce should be put on supermarket shelves, have you considered making it a reality? Contemporary hot sauce sellers have many advantages that their predecessors did not have, and the growing production technology, Internet channels, and social media marketing are all adding strength to your hot sauce business.

Before entering the industry, you have to plan a lot of things in advance, to develop your hot sauce business not only you around the people like your hot sauce flavor, it has to try to win more people’s love and support.

Constantly optimize your recipe

Although your family praises your hot sauce every time, there will always be a future client who won’t like it. Try listing your recipe and figure out how to make it taste better. In these recipes, perhaps the proportion of one of the ingredients changes in proportion, and the taste is different. That’s the beauty of food.

Prepare four different recipes of hot sauce and ask diners to judge and rate them respectively. For example, some parties or food conferences, communicate with them, listen to their feedback, then study your recipes, and then optimize the proportion.

Test heat

The role of hot sauce is to regulate the taste of staple food, some people like spicy taste, some people can not bear. Some spicy food is felt when eating, while some spicy food can last for a long time. These taste details are not very useful for customers who have not yet been purchased, but will affect whether your customers continue to eat your hot sauce again.

You also need to consider the calories of your whole hot sauce, and the hot sauce’s calories don’t exceed the calories of the staple food, otherwise it’s not friendly to those with the need for weight reduction.

The color is also important

No matter what formula you decide to use, please don’t ignore the color of the hot sauce. You should know that the most attractive and memorable ads are the brightly colored hot sauce in transparent sauce bottles. You can’t imagine how cold colors such as gray, green or blue appear in view. The warm red and orange of those sauces will stimulate your taste buds and appetite.

You have to try so many times that there may be no formula to make the color, aroma and taste of your sauces up to 100%, but you have to balance at least the ratio between them so that this combination can make them most cost-effective.

Consider your cost

When you decide to put your formula into production, please list them in one item. If some kind of pepper is your favorite, but the cost is too high or the raw material is very small, consider their alternatives, and only control the cost of living, you are likely to win on the starting line in the final market.

Build a brand

People can’t pick their favorite ones by taste before they taste the hot sauce, but their packaging gets into the eye of the customer at first sight, and they pick a personalized sauce packaging bottle.

250ml 300ml clear PET plastic sauce bottle

To build your brand from beginning, you should take into account your brand name, the style and design of the packaging bottle, as well as the representative logo, a successful packaging and logo identification is very high, it can make people think of your brand at first sight. Therefore, if necessary, you need to contact a professional brand consulting management company to help you build a brand, including the design of brand name, logo design and packaging bottle style, to ensure that the brand looks.

How to bottle your sauce

When you start looking for empty sauce bottle manufacturers to customize, you may encounter a variety of problems, such as basic problems, packaging bottle style, material, capacity, shape, square or round, what kind of function do you have?

350ml LDPE squeeze sauce plastic bottle

In addition, you may also have to consider whether you need a variety of different specifications of hot sauce for marketing, such as 30ml squeeze bottle as your sample bottle, and develop some trial hot sauce to attract more potential customers. Or a large capacity of 1 liter, its cost performance is higher.

30ml mini HDPE sauce bottle

How to bottle your sauce for sale

This is equivalent to how your hot sauce enters the market and how to expand your brand effect. You need to give your brand a more meaningful message. First of all, study your local market, go to small shops, farmers’ markets and supermarkets to advertise your products, perhaps some of the shopkeepers would like to be your distributor. The food trade show all over the world may let you find a new business. In addition, the Internet is well developed, and you’re probably using online resources, especially social media, to promote your products, and that’s necessary and quick to do so when everyone is surfing the Web.

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