Best Plastic Juice Bottles

Juice bottles are our hot sale and popular item, they are a packaging container that special for cold pressed juice and fruit juice. As juice is also one kind of beverage, so our juice bottles often used as beverage bottles. Here are some hot sale designs for your reference.

– best designs for sale –

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    About The Empty Juice Bottles


    Itemempty juice bottles in plastic material
    Capacityfrom 100ml to 1000ml
    Our clientswholesaler, online seller, distributor


    • Superior quality – these empty juice bottles are made of food grade plastic PET material, which is perfectly applied to juice and more beverages. And our material comes from the China’s top supplier, this makes our juice bottles better than others from the beginning.
    • Excellent seal – our reusable juice bottles come with tamper evident caps that create air-tight, leak-proof seal for keeping juice fresh for a long time. You can fill the whole bottle with juice without worrying about leakage.
    • Specifications – classic design with 38mm neck size, the wide opening is easy to open, drink and dispense. 8 oz and 16 oz French square design is the best seller.
    • Mainly in square shape – juice bottles are more square, while other beverage bottles are mainly round bottles, such as wine, milk, soda, especially carbonated drinks are almost all round bottles. This is because the round bottle can better withstand more gas pressure.


    • Major function – Whether you sell empty bottles, various juices or carry mineral water, pack homemade juices, these empty juice bottles serve you or your customers well. Use it to pack all kinds of liquids.
    • Multipurpose – ideal for a variety of juices, cold-pressed juices, freshly squeezed juices, orange juice, coconut juice, kiwi juice, peach juice, sugar cane juice, lemon juice, fruit smoothie, fruit shakes, detox blends, apple juice, green tea, black tea, milk-soluble tea, etc. You can make full use of them.


    Are you a juice plastic bottle supplier?

    Yes! we are professional juice plastic bottle supplier, we own whole set of production line to make juice bottle, print its logo and package it! we offer over 100 kind of designs, they are hot sale and popular with our client. we now own rich experience in juice bottles. we wholesale our juice bottles to online seller, distributor and retail trader.

    Do you custom juice bottle?

    Yes! We have many kinds of juice bottles for buyer to choose from, and we also welcome custom juice bottle. our experienced engineers have the ability of customizing special juice bottles base on your design. we will offer you a perfect juice packaging solution.

    What’s the price of a juice bottle?

    Our juice bottle is mainly composed of raw material and labor cost. Most of our juice bottles are made of plastic PET material, they are 100% raw material, it is better in quality and safety than recycled materials, so the cost is higher as well. The price of our juice bottle is about $0.18-$0.25, you can send inquiry to get the specific quotation.