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Lotion bottle is a subcategory of cosmetic bottles, as the lotion is a liquid cream skin care product, it looks like pure white milk, so call it lotion. The lotion has a good emollient effect and moisturizing effect. It is especially suitable for dry spring and autumn seasons. If the skin is neutral, it can also be used in winter. When used in spring and autumn, in addition to moisturizing effect, it can also isolate the dry climate of the outside world, prevent skin moisture loss too fast, avoid dry skin, and peel skin. It is a must-have skin care product when going out during the dry season.

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Lotions generally contain baby lotion, liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, body wash and body creams, such as vaseline, sunscreen and tanning oil, correspondingly, the lotion container packaging not only contain lotion bottle, but also lotion jar and lotion tube, the lotion packaging manufacturers match different lids for lotion bottles to meet different product needs, commonly lotion pump for liquid lotion, flip top and screw cap for body cream.

As a professional lotion bottle manufacturer, we have been in the lotion bottle industry for more than ten years, we customize and wholesale a variety of blank lotion bottles, now we own hundreds of ready-made bottle molds. Over the past decade, we have helped many small businesses, with their branded logo and label, and accompanied them to become a world brand step by step. In this era of Made In China, believe China suppliers can give you the most perfect lotion packaging solution.

Here we show you 27 kinds of hot sale lotion bottle, jar and tube, contact us for more lotion container. If you are sourcing more plastic bottles, here’s what you need.

27 Best Design Lotion Bottles

plastic pink cosmetic tube bottle

pink lotion tube & bottle

plastic lotion bottle and plastic cosmetic tube with flip top cap, very cute pink color.
white PET hand wash bottle

PET white lotion bottle

250ml and 500ml white PET lotion bottle, with boston round shape and lotion pump.
120ml PET flip top bottle

4 oz PET lotion bottle

white and black 120 ml PET lotion bottle with flip top, cylinder round shape.
empty 250ML Black PET Foam Pump Bottle

250ml foam lotion bottle

8 oz foaming pump bottle, black PET round, perfect for liquid soap, foaming cleanser.
300ml square shampoo lotion bottle

flip top lotion bottle

flat 300ml HDPE plastic lotion bottle, with flip top cap, a very popular design.
white HDPE square pump bottle

white square lotion bottle

250ml 500ml 1000ml square rectangle white HDPE bottle with lotion pump.
800ml round PET pump bottle

800ml PET lotion bottle

800ml boston round PET lotion bottle, perfect for body lotion, shower gel, hand lotion.
4oz pink cosmetic plastic bottle

4 oz pink lotion bottle

120ml pink lotion bottle with flip top cap, plastic HDPE material, hot sale design.
black soft plastic cosmetic lotion tube

plastic soft lotion tube

custom black PE soft tube, with flip top cap, perfect for facial cleanser, body lotion.
Empty 40ML Travel Size Cosmetic Lotion Bottle

40ml flat lotion bottle

40ml flat squeezable lotion bottle, great for lotion cream, travel use.
Empty 500ML White HDPE Lotion Pump Bottle

500ml pump lotion bottle

500ml HDPE white lotion pump bottle, with purple bottom, suitable for skin care packaging.
empty 500ml matte black HDPE bottle

16 oz black lotion bottle

16 oz matte black lotion bottle with disc cap, perfect for cosmetic lotion.
empty 8oz amber lotion bottle

300ml amber lotion bottle

10 oz round amber pump lotion bottle, for shampoo lotion packaging, available sample.
8oz 16oz black round shampoo bottle

8oz 16oz PET lotion bottle

8 oz 16 oz black PET lotion bottle for sale, free sample and custom logo.
plastic 500ml PET shampoo bottle

500ml PET lotion bottle

flat 500ml PET lotion bottle, with disc cap, great for shampoo lotion packaging.
500ml matte black lotion bottle

16 oz black lotion bottle

16 oz boston round matte black lotion bottle, perfect for body lotion, hair conditioner.
empty 60ml square flat PETG lotion bottle

2oz flat PETG lotion bottle

60 ml flat PETG lotion bottle for sale, with flip top cap, high quality and wholesale price.
empty 8oz blue plastic cosmetic pump bottle

8 oz blue PET lotion bottle

8 oz clear blue PET bottle with lotion pump, great for hand lotion, foot lotion.
empty 240ml women body shaped plastic bottle

body shaped lotion bottle

240ml women body shaped PET bottle for shampoo lotion, a very special design.
empty hand soap plastic foam pump bottle

PET foam lotion bottle

100ml 180ml 250ml PET foaming lotion bottle, with foaming pump, for hand soap.
empty 250ml amber plastic bottle

8 oz boston lotion bottle

empty 8 oz amber boston round body lotion bottle, also suitable go with flip top.
220ml plastic cosmetic cream bottle

220ml flat lotion bottle

empty 220ml flat lotion bottle, Zhenghao can custom it any color as long as you like.
40ml PET plastic bottle for lotion

40ml small lotion bottle

small mini size, portable, very suitable for travel use, white and black color.
8oz boston black pet pump bottle

250ml black lotion bottle

boston round shape, 250ml PET lotion bottle, with glossy black color.
1 litre HDPE shampoo bottle with pump

1 liter black lotion bottle

popular shampoo lotion packaging bottle design, matte black and boston round shape.
100ml flat cream lotion bottle

100ml flat lotion bottle

3 oz small size flat lotion bottle, suitable for tanning oil and body lotion packaging.
8oz flat black PET cosmetic bottle

8 oz flat PET lotion bottle

8 oz flat PET lotion bottle, suitable for baby lotion, personal care and skin care lotion.

specifications of lotion bottles

Colorblack, white, green, blue, pink, brown, amber, yellow, purple, orange, red, any color as long as you want.
Capacityfrom 20ml to 1000ml
For salewholesale, manufacture, distributor are okay.

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Are you lotion bottles supplier or manufacturer?

Yes, we are the end factory of lotion bottles, we can do many different kind of lotion bottle with plastic material, PET or HDPE are the most common used material. Our lotion bottles are widely liked by our customers, we wholesale them all over the world, such as amazon seller, walmart and other supermarts. Start our cooperation from now on.

Do you provide custom service?

Yes, we do! Just choose the design, material and color, we can custom them exactly same as you want.

What Kind Of Lotion Bottle Is Better?

There is no better lotion bottle in the world. The better is what works best for you. Of course, we would like to recommend some hot sale design of lotion plastic bottle to you as shown above. They are mostly made of PET or HDPE material.

What kind of lotion bottles are available?

Over hundreds of lotion plastic bottles are available. they differ in these ways:
1), design or shape, we now mainly own standard square and round lotion bottles, and they own many capacity. of course, if you have an unique shaped lotion bottle, it will be very popular!
2), material. we mail use PET or HDPE material to make lotion bottle, the PET lotion bottle will be smooth and clear body, we can see the item through the body, while the HDPE lotion bottle is matte and opaque white. this is the biggest difference among them.
3), matched cap. the empty bottle fit with different cap for special use, like flip top, disc cap or lotion pump.
Therefore, based on these differences, they can be combined into many different lotion bottle designs.

how to get lotion out of bottle?

Lotion bottle are often fitted with lotion pump or flip top cap. A new bottle of lotion must be sealed and locked. For lotion pump, it should have an open sign on top, you just need to screw off the pump head according to the direction, then the pump will be unlocked, and then you try to press the pump several times, after the air inside comes out, you get lotion. For flip top, what you need to do is find the opening of the lid, and lift the top half of the lid, then turn the bottle upside down, just squeeze the bottle body, and you will get the lotion cream.

how to transfer lotion from one bottle to another?

This is an extension of question ‘how to get lotion out of bottle, because the lotion must be taken out before it can be put into another container. Here are some tips for your reference:

  1. If the opening mouth of another container bottle is wider than your lotion bottle, just unscrew the cap and turn the bottle upside down, point your lotion bottle at the mouth of the other container, then squeeze it hard to get the lotion out.
  2. If it is more narrow than your lotion bottle, you need to point the nozzle of the pump head at the opening of the other container and insert it slightly, then press the pump head to allow the lotion to flow into another container.
  3. If the other container has a wider mouth and you don’t want to continue using this lotion bottle, simply cut its bottom off and pour the lotion directly into the other container.

About the product and supplier:

Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of plastic lotion packaging, most of them are lotion bottles, a few are lotion jar and lotion tube. Many shampoo bottles also can be used for lotions.

A wide variety of plastic lotion bottle options are available to you. Such as PET or HDPE material, round, square or flat shape, lotion pump or flip top cap. You can also get free samples to check quality from Zhenghao.

several design hot sale lotion bottles
several design hot sale lotion bottles for your reference

We are located in shenzhen,China, our top supplying countries are North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of plastic lotion bottles respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.
You can bulk buy our food grade plastic lotion bottles, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.
We can customize different plastic lotion bottles, including but not limited to these types, if you have your own branded design, we are happy to help you realize it.

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