Some Designs of Hand Sanitizer Bottle

500ml pet hand sanitizer bottle

Updated in 10 Mar, 2020. The NCP has spread over almost countries, so upset but sincerely pray for all people, may our spring will come soon. New arrival of hand sanitizer bottle: 50ml PET squeeze hand sanitizer bottle, with flip top cap, best for your wash-free soap, sanitizer, ethanol, alcohol. portable, travel use, easy to … Read more

Something Want to Say at 15th, Feb 2020


Written at the start of 2020. There is no doubt that 2020 is unusual for every Chinese, the 2019 novel Coronavirus, later named NCP by WHO, really affects everyone. When the media initially talked about the NCP, it didn’t occur to anyone that it would swept across the whole China in less than a month’s … Read more

What Kind Of Hand Wash Bottle Do You Prefer?

8oz 16oz black round shampoo bottle

Hand wash bottle is a container that packing hand wash, sanitizer or liquid soap, it is made of an empty plastic bottle and a pump dispenser, we usually use it to packing personal care lotions. It is manufactured by plastic material like PET or HDPE material, they have to go through various quality checks before … Read more

What Kind Of Toothpaste Bottle Do You Prefer?

plastic toothpaste tube

Which one do you prefer? Toothpaste tube, pump bottle or foam bottle? Recently, some customers recently inquired if we can do a toothpaste bottle. In fact, the online toothpaste bottle includes toothpaste tube, toothpaste pump bottle, toothpaste foam pump bottle, and even aluminum tube toothpaste tube. As a plastic packaging supplier, we can do the … Read more

Reliable & Stable Plastic Bottle Supplier – Zhenghao Plastic


As a plastic bottle supplier, we often get a lot of inquiries on the Internet. Due to the application range of plastic bottles, most of the customers who make inquiries are in the food and beverage industry, beauty and personal care industry and chemical industry. Many of them are online sellers, such as Amazon seller, … Read more

What Waterproof Label Is Used For Shampoo Bottle?

waterproof hanging label for shampoo bottle

When customizing shampoo bottles, many customers choose to use labels to highlight their logo. Shampoo bottles are generally used in wet and watery environments, so almost all manufacturers use waterproof labels. So what is waterproof label? What is the function of waterproof label? And how to choose waterproof label? Now Zhenghao gives you a brief … Read more

5 Best Design Plastic Sauce Bottles

250ml 300ml clear PET plastic sauce bottle

If you’re finding it hard to keep a supply of your loved sauces on hand, now is the perfect time to bottle your homemade sauce. Zhenghao will help you find the ideal hot sauce bottle for your tasty food. Your homemade BBQ sauce and hot sauce make a great gift for friends and family, so … Read more

5 Best Design Wet Wipe Canisters

400ml small wet wipe canister container

Wet wipe canister is a container for packing wet wipe or wet tissue, they are usually made of plastic HDPE material, with cylinder round shape, and flip top cap. We now recommend 5 best design of wet wipe canister for your reference. The 1st design – 100ml mini wet wipe canister The 100ml mini wet … Read more

5 Best Plastic Bottles For Juice You Can Buy Online!

5 best plastic bottle for juice

We all know that the best time to have a bottle of fresh juice is as soon as it has been made – some of people don’t have this option at all, but they still have a positive, healthy juice selection. Preparing a bottle of fresh juice for a busy life every day is a … Read more

What Are The Best Spray Bottles?

1 liter amber spray bottle

In recent years, empty spray bottles have been used in many industries, such as fine mist spray bottles for cosmetics, barber shop spray bottles, trigger spray bottle for household and chemical agriculture, and more fields, and there are still showing an upward trend. Consumers may be confused by more and more spray bottles and don’t … Read more