Plastic Male Hospital Urine Bottle

plastic male hospital urine bottle
Item No: zh-134
Material: HDPE
Capacity: 1 litre
Unit price range: $0.5-1
MOQ: 5,000 pieces
Place of origin: Shenzhen,China

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Itemempty plastic male hospital urine bottle
Sealing typewith a screw cap
Capacity1 litre
Applicationused by male or female, in hospital use.
Paymentnegotiable. T/T, PayPal, Credit, Western Union, Money gram is okay.
Lead time20 days after payment
Company typefactory, manufacturer, supplier, located in Shenzhen,China


  • With s sealing cap. a blue screw cap. When you need to use it, open the bottle. After use, you can put the lid on first to prevent the smell from coming out, then treat the urine.
  • Handled. with a handle, it’s easy to carry and take the urinal and doesn’t slip off, you don’t have to touch a bottle full of urine. convenient to carry and take when out and to hold when urinating.
  • HDPE material. with matte white surface, the natural HDPE material makes it possible to see how much urine is being measured inside.
  • 1 liter capacity. a person urinates between 200ml and 400ml at a time, around 1000 ml a day and night. One liter is enough to urinate once or twice. we also can make 2000 ml to meet your need.

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Our this plastic urine bottle can be used in hospital, household, camping or outdoor Backcountry. Find more household plastic bottles at Zhenghao.

Some female design for your reference, this design is fitted with an additional accessory to form a wider opening.

female urinal bottle
female plastic urinal with lid

special plastic urinal with darklight cover

Recently, our engineers have developed a new urinal design. The lid is equipped with darklight effect. After absorbing light energy during the day, the lid will generate darklight at night, which is convenient for patients to use.They can get the urinal at night in the dark. Here is a test of how the urinal with darklight works.

natural white color plastic urine bottle
natural white color plastic urine bottle
plastic urine bottle with darklight
plastic urine bottle with darklight


What Is A Portable Urine Bottle?

A urinal is a portable device bottle for urination, also called urine bottle, urine container. It can be used when the toilet is unavailable or inconvenient when camping or out, but most frequently used in health care for patients who find it impossible or difficult to get out of bed during sleep.


The urine bottle is a perfect pee potty container, don’t use a water bottle or a plain plastic bottle as your urinal.

How To Use A Male Plastic Urine Bottle?

  • Bedside urinals can be very helpful for people who need to urinate and can’t get out of bed.
  • If a normal person needs to use it on a camping trip, it’s easy to do it himself.
  • If the patient needs help, screw the lid off, have them place the urinal between their legs. If it’s difficult, help them stretch their legs and insert their penis into the opening at the top of the urinal. When they urinate, gently hold it.
  • Cover his lower body with a sheet or blanket whenever possible for privacy. Better leave them alone and give them more privacy.
  • When they’re done, remove the urinal. Keep the urinal next to their bedside and always have it when you need it.

What Kind Of Plastic Urinal Bottle Available?

Although male are easier to use with male anatomy, we designed two types of urinal to suit women or men, they’re actually the same in many ways. Female urinals can also be used by male patients, and men with shortened penises (common after prostate cancer surgery) may benefit from using female urinals.
The other is for men and women, called unisex potty, this urinal is a container with two different shaped opening for male and female.

How To Empty A Plastic Urine Bottle?

We use plastic HDPE or PP material to make portable bedside urinals, because it makes urinals cheap and affordable for almost patients. We can see roughly how much urine is inside the bottle, and the shape of the straight edges makes it easy to pour out the internal urine. It’s reusable not disposable after removing any urine and residues, deodorizing and sterilizing.

What Are The Applications Of This Urinal?

They can perfectly used in hospital, home, travel, outdoor, travel, car, backcontry, camping, or in your car when traffic jam. but remember keep it away from your drinking water, don’t want to get anything confused. I won’t say it has never happened.

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