Plastic Salad Dressing Bottle

8oz 16oz plastic salad dressing bottle
Item No: zh-161
Material: LDPE
Capacity: 8oz, 16oz
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Unit price: $0.2-0.4
Place of origin: Shenzhen, China


Itemempty plastic salad dressing bottle
Materialplastic LDPE material
Capacity8oz, 16oz, also 250ml, 500ml
Applicationperfect for salad dressing, tomato sauce, ketchup, bba sauce, hot sauce, chili sauce, etc.
Paymentnegotiable, T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.
Lead time20 days after payment
Shippingmass goods is by sea
Company typemanufacturer, supplier, factory, located in Shenzhen,China


  • Food grade – this salad dressing bottle is made of LDPE material, 100% virgin material, food grade, BPA free, eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic.
  • Squeezable – soft LDPE bottle can be squeezed easily, this makes it easier for you to squeeze the sauce out of the bottle.
  • Small top cover – in general, the small top cover is put on the needle tip. When you want to get salad dressing, just take it away from the needly tip, upside down and squeeze the bottle body, then the salad dressing will come out, just cover it after you run out. this help to keep the salad dressing clean.
  • Reusable – the salad dressing bottle is reusable, refillable, and recyclable, when you finish a bottle of salad dressing, don’t throw away the bottle and clean it carefully. you can refill some sauces and continue to use them. Or if you no longer need it, just send it to a professional recycling agency to keep the environment clean.
  • For sauce packaging. this kind of bottle is special for sauce packaging, we own several design of ready-made LDPE sauce bottle, more sauce bottles at Zhenghao.

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empty 8oz 16oz plastic salad dressing bottle
wholesale 8oz 16oz plastic salad dressing bottle

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