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Plastic soft tubes play an important role in cosmetic packaging industry. Because it has many advantages, such as: lightweight, strong plasticity, diverse capacity, squeezable, multi-use, low cost and so on. Now let’s talk about its top 5 designs.

– 10 Best Designs For Sale –

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    About The Cosmetic Soft Tube Packaging


    • Good chemical properties. Plastic soft tube has light resistance, oxygen resistance and water resistance, and can effectively prevent oxidation, deterioration and water loss of cosmetics. So as to ensure the quality of inside cosmetics.
    • Low cost. Plastic tube has good elastic resilience, strong and durable, can be made in different shapes in round, oval, square and flat. Its appearance effect is good, suitable for high-grade cosmetics tube packaging.
    • Can be well printed. Plastic tube has a good adaptability to silk-screen printing, The printing ink is dried by ultraviolet UV, has strong adhesive force and is not easy to fade.
    • Multi-purpose. The body of plastic tube is smooth, uniform thickness, and lightweight, easy to carry, so it is used in a variety of personal care products and cosmetics products.
    • Eco-friendly and recyclable. It can be recycled through the professional organization and not easy to pollute the environment.


    For Facial Cleanser

    The facial cleanser soft tube is what we are most often exposed to, when it comes to the cleanser tube, the first impression in our mind is the round shape and flip top cap. Its capacity is usually between 100ml and 300ml, while some sample use soft tube is about 20ml to 50ml.

    What can distinguish it most is the shape and cover. In terms of shape, In the selection of cover, we mostly use flip top cap, the screw cap usually is matched with the round tube. in addition to the round shape, the oval shape is also very easy to use, of course, the oval shape is mostly matched with flip top cap. In this way, there are three design of facial cleanser tube.

    So let’s show you each of these. Of course, they also can be packaged for shampoo, conditioner, body wash or others as you want.

    For Hand Cream

    Similarly, the design of the hand cream soft tube is similar to facial cleanser soft tube, which is divided into 3 types. round or oval shape, flip top or screw cap. It differs from a facial cleanser soft tube in that it has a smaller capacity and designers usually want it to be easier to carry. Portability is its feature.
    Of course, it can be used for face cream, also foot cream, face cream, body lotion, etc.

    For Eye Cream

    The feature of eye cream soft tube is small size and long tip lid. Let’s show you the mostly popular design of eye cream soft tube.
    Commonly, its capacity is 5ml, 8ml, 15ml, use golden color or silvery color long tip lid. Eye cream vendors have designed the size of their products to be so small, seems because of the smaller single application and the higher price.
    In most cases, the eye cream soft tube is used only for eye cream packaging.

    For Lip Gloss

    Lip gloss tube is our best-selling tube to date, especially the lip gloss tube with clear body color, as it can hold colored lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm, the customer can see the beautiful item though the clear body, that helps increase customer’s desire to buy.
    Its biggest feature is its bevel, the bevel design caters to the way people apply lipstick, that also make the lip gloss soft tube different from others.

    For BB Cream

    The last one is BB cream soft tube, let’s show you the most common BB cream soft tube, of course, there are more designs, or contact us to customize your own design.


    Are you a supplier of cosmetic soft tube?

    Yes, we are the cosmetic soft tube supplier, also manufacturer and end factory, so there is only our sales gap between you and the factory. You don’t need to contact with traders or agents. You just need to tell us exactly what your design, shape and usage of cosmetic tube you want. Most importantly, we can give you the best factory price, this great for you, especially for a lot of startups.

    Do you print on cosmetic soft tube?

    Yes, we own the screen silk printing department. soft tube is more suitable for screen printing. Our amazon and wal-mart customers print their LOGO with silk-screen printing. Colorful and beautiful LOGO decor your cosmetic soft tube packaging, let your customers love your product from the first step.

    What is a soft tube used for?

    These tubes are used for many other uses besides cosmetic packaging, such as ointment and toothpaste.Smaller sizes can also be used for things like eye drops.

    What size of cosmetic soft tube can you make?

    Usually the available capacity ranges from a few milliliters to a few hundred milliliters, or from a few grams to a few hundred grams.

    How to customize the capacity of plastic soft tube?

    Generally, customers choose the width of the soft tube they want, and then manufacturer cut a certain length according to the capacity. The soft tube has no mold, unlike the bottle with fixed bottle embryo, the soft tube vary only in width. The customer selects a certain width of the soft tube, and then the manufacturer calculates the corresponding length according to the capacity, and then cuts it out.

    Cosmetic soft tube is more common, can be used in the middle and low grade single layer, the soft tube diameter is 13#-60# multiple caliber, when choosing a certain diameter tube, with different length marked with different capacity characteristics. The capacity of 3ml-360ml can be adjusted. In terms of aesthetic coordination, 35# and below calibers are usually used capacity below 60ml, while 100ml and 150ml calibers are usually used between 35# and 45# calibers.

    What kinds of cosmetics soft tube are available?

    1, The soft tube can be divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer soft tube, they are different in pressure prevention, anti-seepage and hand feeling, such as the outer layer, the inner layer and the two adhesive layers.

    Different layerDescription
    Mono layer tubeThe single-layer tube is also called mono layer tube, this tube can be used for all kinds of creams, soaps, exfoliators and ointments.
    It is the most common type and can be produced with 100% LDPE, 100% HDPE, or a combination of the two. The hardness of the
    tube will vary with the material chosen.
    Two layer tubeThe two layer tube is also called double-layer tube, this type of tube achieves special metal and pearl effects.This product involves
    a unique manufacturing process.When the inner layer contains the desired color and the outer layer has a special effect, an asym-
    metric two-layer tube is produced.
    Crystal clear tubecrystal transparent tube is a single layer casing production compared to our standard natural casing, more transparent raw material.
    When filling colors and textures play a role in decoration, the effect is very remarkable. It looks clean, fresh and clear.

    2, According to the process or appearance, the tubes can be divided into circular tube, oval tube, flat tube and ultra-flat tube. Flat tubes and ultra-flat tubes are more complicated than other tubes, and they are also new types of tubes in recent years.

    Wholesale Pink Facial Cleanser Tube
    black cosmetic bottle and jar
    Circular tubeAlso called round tube, intuitively, this tube is circular round in shape as a whole.
    Oval bottleIt is not a standard circle, but a ellipses with narrow middle and long ends, like the oval of a goose egg.
    Flat tubeThis is a flatter shape than an oval, it seems that this style is the one we see the most and used most widely.
    Ultra-flat tubeThere is no doubt that this is a super flat shape, a new type design these years, but in daily life, it is relatively rare.

    3, Personalized tube cover. The soft tube cover is generally divided into flat head cover, round head cover, super flat cover, double cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover. Plastic cover can also be processed in various processes, bronzing side, silver edge, colored cover, transparent, oil spray, plating, etc., the tip cover and lipstick cover are usually equipped with a plug. The tube cover is an injection molded product and the tube is a pull tube.

    About The Supplier

    Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of cosmetic soft tube, most of them are cosmetic use, a few are used in ointment products.

    A wide variety of cosmetic plastic tube options are available to you. Such as MDPE or LDPE material, round or oval shape, flip top cap or screw cap. You can also get free samples from Zhenghao.

    all kinds of cosmetic soft tube

    We are located in shenzhen,China, our top supplying countries are North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of cosmetic plastic tube respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.

    You can buy our safe cosmetic plastic tube , which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.

    We can customize different cosmetic tubes, including but not limited to the display of these types, if you have your own brand design, we are happy to help you realize it.