PP Plastic Baby Milk Feeding Bottle

empty pp plastic milk feeding bottle
Item No: zh-084
Capacity: 150ml
Material: PP
Unit price range: $0.3-0.6
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Port: Shenzhen, China

What is baby bottle? Baby bottle is a bottle with a nipple above it and can drink liquid directly from it. It’s usually for infants. Baby bottles are often used to feed formula, breast milk, and oral electrolyte solutions.

Decades ago, the only baby bottles available were made of glass. But glass was heavy and breakable. So when plastic bottles came along that were lighter and shatter-proof, the glass bottle became almost obsolete.


Itemempty PP plastic baby feeding bottle, with screw cap and silicone nipple
Sealing typescrew cap
Applicationfor baby milk feeding
PaymentT/T, PayPal, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc. negotiable.
Custom madeyes
Lead time20 days after payment
Shippingusually shipping by sea.
Company typefactory, manufacturer, supplier

features & Advantages

pp plastic milk feeding bottle with nipple

A scale on baby bottle. There is usually a scale on the baby bottle, so that you can know how much water to put when you soak powdered formulas, and you can brew milk strictly according to the instruction of formula.

Soft nipple. The nipple of baby bottle is made of soft silicone material, imitating the mother’s nipples to the highest extent, so it won’t hurt the baby’s mouth. Replace them when baby is ready for the larger size, or when they are cracked, discolored, or thinning. You can still choose the firm silicone.

Air free vent. Newborn babies are easily choked when they drink milk, while the air-free vent can fill the nipple with milk, but not air. It can effectively prevent the backflow of air and make the baby choked.

custom pp plastic milk feeding bottle

Easy to clean. 3 parts, including empty bottle, screw cap, silicone nipple. the 3 parts can be separated for easy cleaning. Its wide opening makes it easy to clean and disinfect, safer to use.

Plastic PP material. PP is also known as polypropylene, semi-transparent, light, portable, shatterproof, safe, BPA free, strong toughness and impact resistance, which as the highly safe material and widely applied to the baby feeding bottle and the tableware. As a kind of food bottle, we guarantee our baby bottle is food grade and non-toxic, more food bottles at Zhenghao.

a baby using milk bottle

Suitable for 0-3-month-old infants. 150 ml of capacity is perfect for newborn babies to drink milk and water. And the inner wall of the round bottle is smooth, making the inside liquid flow smoothly. It can better help the baby drink milk.

Custom made. we are happly to help you realize your own design of baby feeding bottle. The baby bottle can be customized in straight, contoured or wide, natural color is the best choice.

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It is important to clean and disinfect the baby bottle and its nipple. Because there is dirt and bacteria left in baby bottles and nipples, which can affect the health of the baby, here we share some cleaning and disinfection methods for you.

How to clean?

  1. Use special bottle detergent, also use natural food detergent, with bottle brush and sponge clean.
  2. The nipple is easy to retain milk stains, both the outer side and the inner side should be thoroughly cleaned with sponge and brush.
  3. The nipple should be turned over to clean the inside in case of residual detergent.
  4. After cleaning the nipple and bottle, rinse it with flowing water repeatedly and buckle it upside down to dry in a ventilated place.

How to disinfect?

  1. In addition to cleaning, it is also necessary to disinfect regularly, it is best to disinfect every two days. It can be boiled with boiled water in a common pot, or steamed with a steamer, usually for 8 – 10 minutes.
  2. Or cook in a special disinfection pot. After boiling water for 5 minutes, put in pp bottle, nipple and lid, then cook for 3 – 5 minutes. After the water cool down, take out the bottle and dry it.
  3. boil for 5 minutes, put in pp bottle, nipple and bottle cap, then cook for 3 minutes for 5 minutes, take out the water and dry it.
  4. Note that after the bottle is disinfected, use a clip to pick up the bottle, do not touch it directly by hand.

How to select feeding bottle?

  1. Make sure that the material. Plastic feeding bottle is light, shatterproof, and the price is the cheapest. It is the first choice for many mothers. Other stainless steel bottles, ceramic bottles and glass bottles have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Determine the capacity size. Baby bottle is generally divided into 150 ml,180 ml and 260 ml, can be selected according to the amount of food the baby once. Generally 150ml or 180ml suitable for 0-3 months baby, more than 3 months of the baby suitable for the larger 260ml. Of course, you can choose the size according to the specific needs.
  3. Determine the purchase quantity. The purchase of several bottles depends on how the mother feeds and uses the bottles. In general, it is suggested as below.
    【breast-feeding】1-2 feeding-bottle
    【half-breast-feeding】2-4 feeding-bottle
    【full-milk powder feeding】 4-6 feeding bottles
  4. Look at the appearance. A round baby bottle with high transparency is typically selected. The round feeding bottle is easy to flow, and the milk bottle with high transparency can clearly show the capacity and the state of the contents, and is convenient to measure and control.

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