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As a plastic bottle supplier, we often get a lot of inquiries on the Internet. Due to the application range of plastic bottles, most of the customers who make inquiries are in the food and beverage industry, beauty and personal care industry and chemical industry. Many of them are online sellers, such as Amazon seller, website owners, wholesalers, or distributors.

Why search for plastic bottle supplier on Internet?

As they’re not professional. Plastic bottles are a complete and mature technology from design to production, while just semi-finished products and accessories for them. If the machine, factory, technology and labor are configured for such an accessory that is not the core technology, the cost and risk are too high, so finding a third-party plastic bottle supplier is the most cost-effective way.

The development of the Internet. In recent years, in the well-known brands we have worked together, some of them used the Internet to find us and work with us, and later their business also used the Internet to develop step by step from zero to the world. The Internet has shortened the distance between the supplier and the customer, and the communication are more real-time and convenient. The visual production in the 4g era also makes the cooperation between the two parties more successful, so that the customer can participate in the whole process of production.

still searching for “plastic bottle supplier near me”?

Stop stubbornly searching for local suppliers. In the past, when the Internet was underdeveloped, there were many advantages in finding local suppliers, but now, many of the disadvantages that were considered in the past are no longer so important. On the contrary, you can find a more suitable supplier when there are so many choices on the internet.

Whether you are in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or South Africa, your plastic bottle suppliers should not be limited to South Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, as startups or small business, you should consider the total costs, including product costs, freight costs, time costs and communication costs. In fact, Google brings together a lot of plastic bottle suppliers from all over the world, finds their websites and tries to list them, compares their strengths and weaknesses, I believe you will find a good and suitable supplier.

search plastic bottle supplier on Google

If you clearly know that you want to work with China suppliers, then search directly on the Alibaba platform. Alibaba is a B2B platform originated in China, so most of the suppliers are from China. These suppliers have passed the verification of Alibaba and the authoritative certification of third-party certification companies, and have Alibaba platforms as their transaction guarantees, which is the quickest and safest way for customers who want to buy in China. Zhenghao also has a store on Alibaba, if you want to try trading on the platform, you can sign up for an Alibaba account to contact us. You can also contact your favorite supplier directly here if you want to buy anything else in the future.

Why Choose Zhenghao?

Professional is the most basic condition of the plastic bottle supplier. A perfect supplier not only provides high-quality products, but also provides professional services. From the most start-up design, production to delivery, we take each step seriously to get the perfect bottle to the customer’s hand. The pictures and words on our website have not been decorated too much, but focus on our plastic bottles and processes, which is just like a real manufacturer and factory, not a marketer.

Let’s calculate the purchase cost at Zhenghao. For example, you need to customize 50,000 plastic bottles, if you purchase from local supplier in the United State, the cost is 50,000 plastic bottles plus a short distance transportation fee, a rough estimate of about: 50,000 * 1.4+1000 = 71000. But you buy from Zhenghao, your cost is about 50,000 * 0.2+5000 = 15000, and together a month’s time cost from China. But if you plan your project ahead of time, time costs are negligible. By comparing these two numbers, you probably don’t want to search for local suppliers on Google.

Reliable and stable, Zhenghao will be your best supplier. In recent years, Amazon is becoming more and more popular, and we have a lot of customers selling products on the Amazon platform. Some customers who sell finished plastic bottles will let us to transport their goods directly to the Amazon warehouse, so that they save a lot of steps, just focus on product and marketing promotion. For more than a decade, we have come into contact with a lot of buyers from all over the world, and we know how important a reliable and stable supplier is for them, so Zhenghao always take the win-win as the value to provide our customers with high quality plastic bottles and perfect service continuously, we believe that mutual support can go further.

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