Empty Plastic Sauce Bottles

Sauce bottle is our main food bottle of course, LDPE squeeze bottle is the most widely produced, it featured by food grade, soft and squeezable, and is the most common sauce bottle on the market. We wholesale empty LDPE sauce bottles, from mini 2 oz to large 32 oz. Recently, we have also customized several PET ketchup bottles, their advantage is that it can fully show the fresh ketchup color and arouse people’s desire for food. In addition to ketchup, they are ideal container for oil, vinegar, salad dressings, hot sauce, bbq sauce, etc.

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    About The Empty Sauce Bottle


    BrandZhenghao, supplier and manufacturer
    Capacityfrom 40ml to 1000ml
    Colortranslucent is the natural color. red, yellow, black, white, green and other colors can be customized.
    MOQ10,000 pieces
    Our partnerwholesaler, online seller, distributor.


    • Mainly in LDPE material. Most of our sauce bottles are made of LDPE material, as LDPE sauce bottles have always been conventional. That’s why, so when we talk about LDPE bottles, we think of sauce bottles. While sauce bottle has grown to now, the HDPE sauce bottle and PET sauce bottle are also common design.
    • Soft & Squeezable. All of our sauce bottles can be squeezed to a certain extent, not only soft material LDPE sauce bottle, but also PET and HDPE, just make their bottle walls thinner and they can be squeezed.
    • Superior quality. Our sauce bottles are made of 100% virgin material, they are food grade, BPA free, non-toxic and no-harmful. They are superior quality with a long service life.
    • Special sauce cap. Our sauce bottles comes with small top cap or twist cap. The special cap can make the sauce bottle work better.


    • For sauce. These sauce bottles are perfect container for your ketchup, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, chili sauce, salad dressing, tomato dressing, condiment, flavor, sweetener.
    • For oil. They also can be used for edible oil, peanut oil, olive oil and all kind of oil, in kitchen.
    • For some special use. It can even be used for shampoo, hair conditioner and other personal care products.


    Are you sauce bottle supplier?

    Yes! Zhenghao is the professional plastic sauce bottle supplier and manufacturer. we own rich experience in making sauce bottles, and we have our own factory and production line, so we can offer you a wholesale price.

    Do you custom special sauce bottle?

    Yes! Zhenghao also offers custom service. we can custom unique and special design of sauce bottle. Show us your specific information about the design and material, our engineer will give your the best packaging solution.

    Can you do printing?

    Yes! We own silk-screen printing department and label sticker department. Both printing and sticker are perfectly for sauce bottle, they will not easy to fade. A personilized LOGO printing will make your sauce bottle stand out of others.