Something Want to Say on 15th, Feb 2020

Written at the start of 2020.

There is no doubt that 2020 is unusual for every Chinese, the 2019 novel Coronavirus, later named NCP by WHO, really affects everyone.

When the media initially talked about the NCP, it didn’t occur to anyone that it would swept across the whole China in less than a month’s time.

Since January, 21st, the domestic media frequently updated the epidemic on the Internet, then many people realized that the situation was really serious! But some people still went out without a mask, and that day, 219 cases has confirmed.

Until January, 23rd, two days before the Lunar New Year, people of the whole country basically wore mask and stayed at home. Also from this day on, the domestic media update the confirmed cases on fixed channels in real time. The rising number of confirmed cases has cast a thick cloud over the New Year.

On the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, it was supposed to be a family reunion day, while President Xi held an emergency meeting on the prevention and control of the NCP in Wuhan. The war without smoke has begun since then.

In each of the following days, the most concerned and discussed was the NCP. Slogans of washing hands and wearing masks became the first greetings.

Health care provider, government personnel, police and social caring people were busy for the NCP, they tired, also dedicated.

As of February 15th today, more than 20 days have passed, the confirmed cases growing from the first few hundreds to over 66,000 people.

I can’t imagine the stress, the pain and the suffering of these people at the forefront. But in contrast, many warm stories have happened these days.

A poor villager donated 100,000 kilos of onions to Wuhan. A granny who did the cleaning job cried and donated 10,000 Yuan. A female nurse cut her beautiful long hair for the assistance work, and more people from all walks of life done their best with material or money.

The virus can’t beat us, and society still has to work. With the domestic demand for disinfection, alcohol, ethanol and wash-free hand sanitizer is growing, their packaging bottles is also needed, in order to supply these bottles for our customers, our factory began to produce.

We have prepared masks, goggles, protective clothing, alcohol and 84 disinfectant to start the work, hoping that more alcohol and hand sanitizer will put into the market quickly and kill the virus.

As long as each of us works with the government, stays at home, wears masks, washes our hands and protect ourselves well, I believe the winter will pass fast and the spring is coming soon.

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