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Shampoo bottles can’t to be missed by any packaging bottle manufacturer. As at any time you can see many kinds of shampoo in supermarkets or stores, they are with round or square shape, flip top cap or pump, clear or matte finish. they never seem to be out of date. Now Zhenghao show you 21 shampoo bottle designs, they are ideal container for your hare care products. If you want to see other bottles, please click our product page and check more plastic packaging containers.

Best Design Shampoo Bottles

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    About The Empty Shampoo Bottles


    Currently there are two common kinds of shampoo bottles on the market. One is pump shampoo bottle, and the other is squeeze shampoo bottle. Personally, I prefer to pump shampoo bottle, as I can press as much as I want.

    In fact, squeeze shampoo bottles just have a small share, but still not out of the market, which shows that it is valuable. Its advantage lies in that the cap can be completely closed after using to prevent air or dirt from entering. In addition, the squeeze shampoo bottle is easy to carry and won’t overflow due to touching the cap.

    But for pump shampoo bottles, if you are worried about being inconvenient to carry, there is a corresponding solution, that is the pump head lock. When you carry your pump shampoo bottle, remeber putting on the lock, the pump can’t be pressed down, this effectively prevents the shampoo from being pressed out. Both types of shampoo bottles have their pros and cons, they support the shampoo packaging market together.


    BrandZhenghao, supplier and manufacturer.
    Colormatte black, white, green, blue, pink, red, yellow, amber, brown, any color as long as you want.
    Shapeboston round, square, flat, cylinder round, rectangle.
    Capacityfrom small 30ml travel use to 2 liter family package.
    For salewholesaler and distributor are okay.


    • Mainly in pump shampoo bottles. Pump shampoo bottles can press out the desired amount more easily and precisely. It’s not wasted, and easy to control. There are also some squeeze shampoo bottles for your reference.
    • Mainly in round shampoo bottles. There are more round shampoo bottles on the market, as well as ours. Also some shampoo bottles in square and flat shapes. Of course, more special bottle types can be customized at Zhenghao.
    • Mainly in PET shampoo bottles. the finish of PET shampoo bottle are glossy and smooth, its natural color is clear, even if customized color can be made into a translucent design, which allows you to clearly see the inside shampoo level through the bottle body.
    • Mainly plastic material. Referring to the shampoo bottle, it is believed that the plastic shampoo bottle is first thought of, and the glass bottle is rarely seen in the market. This is because shampoos are generally placed in wet and slipped bathrooms, glass bottles are lumpish and easy to break, while plastic shampoo bottles are shatterproof and lightweight, making them great for shampoo and shower gel.


    Are you a supplier or manufacturer of shampoo bottles?

    Yes, of course! We are the end factory, a stable and reliable supplier and manufacturer of shampoo bottles, there is no trader or agent between us. We can not only provide the connection with the production line, but also give you the best factory price. A perfect shampoo packaging solution will benefits your startup and business.

    Do you print on shampoo bottles?

    Yes! To provide our customers with one-stop solutions, we offer many additional services, from making new shampoo bottle mold, to silk-screen logo printing, then custom outer packing. Our one-stop service benefits many Amazon sellers, the goods are shipped directly from our factory to the Amazon warehouse. They just need to do their own work. Specific customized services: silk-screen printing, labeling sticker, hot stamping printing, etc.

    What is a shampoo bottle made of?

    Our shampoo bottles are made of plastic material, in which the PETand HDPE materials are most commonly used.
    Their difference is where – the surface of PET shampoo bottle is smooth and its natural color is close to transparent. As for other colors, such as clear blue, clear brown and even clear black, we can see the contents through the bottle body.
    While the finish of HDPE shampoo bottle is matte and frosted, their natural color is close to opaque white, not smooth.
    We have marked in the above information of shampoo bottles. We own a whole supply chain, so we can provide labeling, screen printing and LOGO sticker.

    How much does an empty shampoo bottle weigh?

    For PET shampoo bottle, as it is injection blowing process, we need the bottle embryo with fixed weight to make it, so the bottle weight depends on its embryo weight, we have some bottle embryo with certain weight to choose from.
    Here are some examples, generally, we use 24g to make the 250ml PET bottle, use 35g to make 500ml PET bottle, and use 80g to make 1L PET bottle. This mean the weight of the empty PET bottle is equal to the weight of bottle embryo. Of course, you also have other choice, open a new embryo mold to meet your needs.
    While HDPE shampoo bottle is much simpler. Its weight is totally depends on how thick you want your HDPE bottle to be. The more material we use, the heavier your HDPE bottle will be.

    Are plastic shampoo bottles recyclable?

    Yes! Although many people believe that they can not be recycled when there has liquid in the shampoo bottles, this is not the truth. Actually they are refillable, reusable and recyclable.
    You can take them to a special recycle bin, almost all manufacturers and producer use PET or HDPE to make shampoo bottles, both of them are recyclable, so just give them to a professional organization.
    Or you can reuse them to DIY something interesting and cool. Now many shampoo bottles have beautiful design and patterns, they suit to do a lot of household accessories. So follow the online tutorials and you’ll find yourself a DIY genius.

    What lids usually match with a shampoo bottle?

    3 types of lids. We also marked in the above information.
    Pump – the most commonly used for shampoo bottle. there are many kinds of pumps, which different in details. you can contact us for them.
    Flip top cap – squeeze shampoo bottles are fitted with this kind of lid. The shampoo will spills out of the bottle through the force of the squeeze. Many well-known shampoo brands use this kid.
    Disc top cap – they are less used than pump and flip top, this disc cap can fits all kinds of lotion bottles, including shampoo bottles. Squeezable shampoo bottles are also easy to matched with the disc cap.
    Of course, in addition to these lids, we also custom shampoo bottle with other lid to meet more buyer’s need.

    What Are the Application of Shampoo Bottles?

    Shampoo bottles are a kind of dispenser bottles, they often equal to lotion bottles, pump bottles and conditioner bottles, because they are almost used for personal care and health beauty products, such as bathroom shampoos, shower gels, liquid soap, body wash. PET bottles are more commonly used for bathroom products than glass bottles.
    All empty shampoo bottles are good bathroom accessories, as they are shampoo dispenser, wash dispenser, and soap dispenser.

    How long does a bottle of shampoo last?

    Maybe it depend on how big is the bottle. Here we collect some discussion to share with you.
    First of all, you need to know what size shampoo bottle you’re asking for, so someone said, ‘how big are you talking 32 oz or so? maybe 9 months or more’. But someone directly said mine will last a long time because I don’t wash my hair very often.’Years. I don’t go through shampoo like that so I can go a very long time.”yea me too…. i have like 5 bottles and i was just wondering wow i dont need to buy none for a long time too’.
    And of course there’s a direct answer, which is about four months, this is a pretty good answer, ‘My shampoos last me about 4 months.’ To be honesty, my hair is long and I wash it every day in summer. I will use up a bottle of 500 ml shampoo in 3-4 months.

    Where to Bulk buy empty shampoo bottles?

    Zhenghao is shampoo bottles supplier and wholesaler, if you need large quantities, please email us, we will give you factory price and best shampoo packaging bottle solution.

    About The Supplier

    Zhenghao offers nearly a hundred kinds of shampoo bottles, most of them are hair care use, a few are used in lotion products.

    A wide variety of shampoo bottles options are available to you. Such as HDPE or PET material, round or square shape, pump, flip-top cap or disc cap. You can also get free samples from Zhenghao.

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    some hot sale shampoo container bottles for your reference

    We are located in Shenzhen, China, our top supplying countries are North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of shampoo bottles respectively. They are also popular in other markets, like Africa and Asia.

    You can buy our high-quality shampoo bottles, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.

    We can customize different shampoo bottles, including but not limited to these type of image if you have your own branded design, we are happy to help you realize it.