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As the name implies, spray bottle is a kind of bottle that can form spray. In life, spray bottles belong to the general term for artificial fog-making devices. As a spray plastic bottle manufacturer, we have to say that the invention of spray bottle makes people’s life better and better. Because spray bottles are used in a wide range of applications, we use 100% virgin material, they are food grade, safe, from cosmetics, household use to chemical liquid use, spray bottle makes people’s life simpler and more convenient.

Here are 10 best design of spray bottles for your reference, they are from small size to big size.

– 10 Best Spray Bottles –

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    About The Empty Spray Bottles


    We’ve been in the spray bottle industry for over a decade, we own almost all kinds of plastic spray bottles for sale, they are sold to all over the world, while America, UK and Canada are our target areas right now, now many walmart stores in these countries display our spray bottles, they are of good quality and cheap price.


    • Mainly shaped in round. You can see all of our spray bottles are round, whether big or small size, as well as in the market. That is because round bottles can better withstand pressure and make it easier to hold and press with your hand.
    • Spray function. Fine mist sprayer can spray very fine water mist, trigger spray can spray slightly thicker liquid. This makes the spray bottle to be applied almost to any liquid.
    • Multipurpose. Here are fine mist spray, mini trigger spray and spray gun. they are suitable for different use. Commonly, fine mist spray is matched with small plastic bottle for perfume, make-up water. Mini trigger spray is matched with medium size bottle for cosmetic use, like hair spray, barber use, body nutritious water, etc. Spray gun is applied to household and chemical use, for household cleaning, glass cleaner, garden use.


    Are you a spray bottle supplier?

    Yes, of course. Zhenghao is a professional spray bottle supplier and manufacturer, we have made over 100 kinds of spray bottles, they are fine mist sprayer, mini trigger sprayer cleaning sprayer, and so on. our spray bottles are widely used for personal care, household, beauty and medical use. These years, our spray bottles are shipped to all over the world, such as amazon, walmart and many supermart.

    Do you custom or wholesale spray bottles?

    Yes, we do! Zhenghao is a manufacturer and factory, we own our production line of spray bottle, PET spray bottle and HDPE spray bottle are the common design. You can choose the material, design, size and color of your spray bottle, when you meet our MOQ, we can custom them according to your specific design at our wholesale price, which is between $0.2 to $0.5 per bottle.

    How does a spray bottle work physics?

    It is made by using the principle of high flow rate and low pressure, so that air flows out quickly from the hole. The pressure near the hole is small, and the air pressure above the liquid level in the container is strong. The liquid rises up along the small tube below the hole.In addition, a gasoline engine carburetor works on the same principle as a sprayer.

    How do you fix a spray bottle?

    Let’s take a few steps.

    1. step 1: check if the nozzle of the spray bottle is blocked. their nozzle consists of one or more very small holes. If there is a lot of attachment on the nozzle, use a towel to clean the nozzle. If particles are drilled into the nozzle hole, pick them out with a sharp object.
    2. step2: Open it to check if the spray tube is blocked.Spray tube is the key component of spray bottle, if it is blocked, the whole spray set can’t work. so clean the spray tube make it clean.
    3. step3: Check if the pump parts are broken.The water pump is the core component of the spray bottle. If the pump doesn’t work, the spray bottle cannot be used. At this time, repair its parts if it can be done or replace it with a new one.

    What kind of spray bottles are available?

    Cosmetic spray bottles. They are used for facial, body, hair and other personal care products, they are mostly matched with fine mist sprayer and mini trigger sprayer. This kind of bottle requires high quality. We use 100% food-grade PET material to make them smooth and clean, together with silk-screen printing and labeling, they can show themselves personally. Their capacity is usually between 20ml and 500ml, which can be used to pack regular cosmetic bottle liquid with confidence.

    Household spray bottles. They are used for car care, garden supplies, cleaning wash. they are matched with trigger sprayer.

    Chemical spray bottles. They usually have a large capacity, from 500ml to 1000ml. It is usually made of HDPE material and contains some chemical liquid, which is basically equipped with spray gun.

    Where to bulk buy plastic spray bottles?

    Make no mistake, Zhenghao is your first choice. We provide all kinds of spray bottles, quality bottles and factory price. Wherever you are, you can buy these bottles from Zhenghao, we believe you will find what you want. As we are a manufacturer, we do business with wholesalers or amazon sellers, we help them custom their own brand packaging bottle.

    About The Supplier

    Zhenghao offers nearly 100 kinds of plastic spray bottles, most of them are used for personal care products, a few are used in household cleaner and chemical liquids.
    A wide variety of plastic spray bottle options are available to you. Such as HDPE or PET material, mist sprayer or trigger sprayer. You can also get free samples to check quality from Zhenghao.
    We are located in shenzhen,China, our top supplying countries are North America, Australia, Western Europe, which supply 40%, 30% and 30% of plastic spray bottles respectively. They are also popular in many market, like Africa and Asia.
    You can bulk buy our food grade and safe plastic spray bottles, which certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and other certification.
    We can customize different plastic spray bottles, including but not limited to these designs, if you have your own branded design, we are happy to help you realize it.