Twin Neck Dosing Dispenser Bottle

empty twin neck dosing dispener bottle
Item No: zh-087
Capacity: 250ml,500ml,1000ml
Material: plastic HDPE
Unit price range: $0.2-0.5
MOQ: 10,000 pieces
Port: Shenzhen, China

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Itemempty twin neck dosing dispenser bottle with lid
Sealing typewith 28mm neck, screw child resistant cap
Applicationfor chemical liquid, animal medicine, etc
Featuretwo neck and chamber, with two neck chamber
Neck chamber sizefrom 0.5 oz to 1 oz
Main chamber capacity250ml/8 oz, 500ml/16 oz, 1 liter/32 oz
Payment & Shippingnegotiable. common ways are okay
Lead time20 days after payment
Company typemanufacturer, supplier, factory, located in Shenzhen,China
Servicecontact us to discuss how to custom make your own twin neck bottle


a twin neck bottle

The twin neck bottle also called double chamber bottle, is a perfect measuring and pour dispensing bottle, they are made of 100% food grade natural HDPE material, with white opaque surface, they are filled from one neck and measured from other neck, they are good for alcohol, oil or liquid. They also suitable for fuel.

a dosing measuring bottle

The dosing bottle can be extended to beverage bottles, mouthwash bottle, liquor flask, animal medicine bottle, veterinary dosing bottle, water, fuel additive, ink and any liquid you want to dosing or dispense, used in kitchen, lab, home.


  • Two necks – Bottle has two necks, one for filling and one for dispensing.
  • Neck chamber – the neck chamber is graduated in 1/2 and 1 oz, increments lets you know how much liquid is left, graduations molded into bottle, they are a good self measuring bottle.
  • Plastic HDPE – we use 100% virgin plastic HDPE material, they are food grade, safe, non-toxic, with natural white color, you can clearly see how much liquid is left in it.
  • Multi use – Designed to store, measure, and dispense liquids from one source.
  • Various size – we now show you 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz, we also custom make 100ml, 4 oz even big capacity 64 oz.

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Although the twin neck bottle can be used to hold beverage, it is more widely used in the chemical industry, for dosing and dispenser, chemical liquid and animal medicine. Here are more chemical plastic bottles at Zhenghao Plastic.


How to Use Twin Neck Bottle?

The twin neck bottle is a new type of packaging for animal medicine, disinfectant and nutrient solution. From the shape, there are two necks on the bottle and scales on the neck chamber. However, many people do not know why there’s an extra neck and how to use them.

Of course, the special design is 100% convenient for the users. Now let’s talk about how to use the twin neck bottle.

  • First, look carefully at the bottle and you will find that there are two necks, one neck chamber with scales and the other without.
  • Second, you just open the cap of neck chamber with scales, and squeeze the bottle with your hand, the liquid will enter the chamber with scales, and you can control the volume according to your own needs.
  • Third, pour out the liquid you just controlled.

how to do unit dosing from pill bottle?

A: Make sure it’s liquid medicine first, otherwise it doesn’t suitable for this design bottle. If it is animal medicine, please follow the above method to dosing the medicine.

where to buy dosing bottle?

A: We are a plastic bottle manufacturer located in ShenzhenmChina, we producce and wholesale this empty dosing bottle for years. If you want to bulk buy dosing bottle, contact us for ready-made 250ml,500ml and 1000ml bottle. For other capacity, we can design and control precisely its neck chamber and main chamber, will be able to provide the best twin neck dosing bottle for you.

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