Water Bottles

Plastic Water Bottles at Wholesale Prices

Buy our custom plastic water bottles in bulk! Put your LOGO on your water bottle, they can be used in the gym, cycling, mountain climbing, or giveaway, companies can also use it as a gift to reward motivated employees, these personalized water bottle is reliable,eco-friendly and environmental, stop paying for your drinking water at the store, just bring your dringking water with these water bottles. Order our plastic water bottles at China supplier’s price.

Plastic Water Bottles for sale

Now we would like to introduce you to several kinds of water bottles. They are customized and very special design. Zhenghao offer more water bottles in plastic.

plastic water bottles

wholesale water bottles

These water bottles are made of LDPE, PCTG, PP material, they are safe,food grade, eco-friendly, suitable for biker, cycling, also great for gift.
plastic water bottle with pill box

water bottle with pill box

The pill box is four compartment, you can use it contain some vitamins and pills. It’s enough to carry it outdoor instead of a simple water bottle and a pill bottle.
empty plastic credit card bottle

credit card water bottle

Look, it’s a water bottle with a credit card container, when you go to the gym, your credit card stay on the wall of the bottlem, Convenient and safe.
empty 500ml PET plastic mineral water bottle

PET plastic mineral water bottle

The square PET water bottle is more special than the round mineral water bottle. With your LOGO, it will be good for the promotion of your mineral water brand.
liquid water enhancer bottle

water enhancer bottle

A specially designed water enhancer bottle can be used for water, syrup, condiment, flavor, etc. 40-60 ml is very convenient to carry.
beverage use voss plastic bottle

plastic voss water bottle

Voss-style water bottles are hot sale and popular, and their straight body express their nobility and personalization. There are several sizes to choose from.

custom plastic water bottles

Our custom plastic water bottles are a low-cost and popular promotional products. These water bottles printed with your name or LOGO can be found in stores, supermarkets, beaches, parks, sports stadiums, or colleges. They will be a good brand for you. What kind of water bottles you can do? There are flip top cap, straw, push and pull cap, screw cap, etc., different materials make different appearance, you can choose your design, shape, and size. Believe that we can make the unique design belong to you.

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Are you a water bottle manufacturer?

Yes. Zhenghao plastic is a professional water bottle supplier and manufacturer, we have offered so many water bottles for our customers all over the world.

What are water bottles used for?

Plastic water bottles are refillable, reusable and recyclable. For your personal use. A water bottle keeps you hydrated. Stop paying for disposable drinking water, which is supposed to be free. Fill a water bottle with your drinking water. This will not only protect the environment, but also reduce the cost of disposable mineral water. There are other USES as well. For example, if you need to give free gifts for your promotion, a single water bottle is a good choice when they are printed your LOGO or site.

what kind of water bottle you can make?

We have all kinds of plastic water bottles, including sports water bottles for campaigners, cartoon water bottles for children, collapsible water bottle for medical treatment and pill water bottle for the elderly. Bring your requirements and our engineers will give you a perfect solution.

what’s the material of plastic water bottles?

Plastic water bottles are divided into many types, there are four main types at Zhenghao.
PET water bottles. such as our voss style water bottle, it’s made of PET material, we will make it very thick, so that it will be hard and anti-impact, and it will be transparent, so that the whole bottle looks very noble and textured.
LDPE water bottles. We make sauce bottles with LDPE material. LDPE material is soft and food grade, the LDPE water bottle is also soft with natural milky white.
PCTG water bottles. PCTG is a very hard plastic material, it featured by BPA free, food grade, safe. As this material has excellent properties, the price will be slightly higher than others. But it would be the best choice for a water bottle.
PP water bottles. PP material is often used to make baby bottles, now also used to make children’s water bottle. PP water bottles are perfect water bottles that can print all of cartoon images.

Why Zhenghao?

Zhenghao owns factory and production line, high-quality products and customized services are the most basic for a factory, and the wholesale price will be a more favorable factor for the enterprise. You can get the same quality product for less money, will you choose a factory? Every wise man will do it.

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