What Waterproof Label Is Used For Shampoo Bottle?

When customizing shampoo bottles, many customers choose to use labels to highlight their logo. Shampoo bottles are generally used in wet and watery environments, so almost all manufacturers use waterproof labels. So what is waterproof label? What is the function of waterproof label? And how to choose waterproof label? Now Zhenghao gives you a brief introduction to the waterproof label.

As the name implies, waterproof label is the waterproof and easy-to-tear label. some self-adhesive stickers has a water-proof film, so they are waterproof, such as a PP synthetic paper self-adhesive label, milk white PE self-adhesive label, transparent film type self-adhesive label, PET self-adhesive label and so on, They are all waterproof. Of course, the proportion of the label and the carbon belt must be blended to achieve a water-proof effect.

The waterproof self-adhesive label adopts high-quality glue, has the following four advantages:

  1. They use coated paper, a variety of colors, widely used in hanging plates, product packaging, etc.
  2. The quality of the glue is good, with durable effect, the quality of the glue is longer than that of the ordinary glue.
  3. Its surface is smooth, with waterproof function, when touch with water droplets will not affect the use.
  4. Print with waterproof label will be clear, no ink and no leakage point.
waterproof hanging label for shampoo bottle
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The water-proof label is commonly used for information labels such as medicine, food, clothing, packaging bottle, cultural goods, etc.

  1. Atlas: such as map, traffic map, engineering drawing.
  2. All kinds of water-proof printing materials and glass plate stickers.
  3. Disposable tableware, kitchenware, with no toxic character.
  4. Ad, label and business card, with the characteristics of bright color and durability.
  5. Paintings: for example, product specification, various samples, arts and crafts.
  6. Packing items: such as packaging bottle, jar and container, they can be made into fine printing with waterproof label.
waterproof label sticker for shampoo bottle
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For custom shampoo bottles, if the printed text or pattern information is only one or two colors, we recommend our customer use silk-screen printing. If more than two colors and the print area is relatively concentrated, using label printing is more cost effective. Waterproof label stickers can be used for both PET shampoo bottles and HDPE shampoo bottles, they fit the surface of the shampoo bottle very well and will show your shampoo product information perfectly.

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