What Are The Best Spray Bottles?

In recent years, empty spray bottles have been used in many industries, such as fine mist spray bottles for cosmetics, barber shop spray bottles, trigger spray bottle for household and chemical agriculture, and more fields, and there are still showing an upward trend.

Consumers may be confused by more and more spray bottles and don’t know how to choose them. Some brand manufacturers are also struggling with how to choose packaging bottles. They don’t know what kind of spray bottle design is best, what material is best, or even how to choose a label. So Zhenghao list some of the best spray bottles for your reference.

5. matte trigger spray bottle with mini trigger sprayer

This is a multi-use spray bottle, it is 500ml, Boston round shape, its matte finish because of its HDPE material, black is a calm color, the picture shows it with a mini spray gun to make it the most suitable bottle for barber shops. It has a unique locking device, when you do not need to use it, move the locking device aside, after the spray can’t be pressed, you can rest assured that it is loaded into the backpack you, do not worry that it will be squeezed.

Key features:

  1. Matte black, abrasive texture;
  2. Boston round, round body suitable for packaging cosmetics spray;
  3. Locking device, do not worry about leakage when taking.

4. Curve style empty household spray bottle

Its unique shape makes it the focus of a spray bottle, which makes you better than other models, as compared to other conventional bottles. It is 1 liter capacity, obviously, it is used for home cleaners, glass cleaners, car care cleaners, etc. You can see that the bottle has a curved shape as a whole, and the bottle has multiple uneven planes. It is a multiple-planes monster. And have to say, its color collocation is very good, black bottle body with green spray gun to make calm but lively.

Key features:

  1. The whole is curved;
  2. Many irregular planes on the surface of the bottle.
  3. With a special spray gun.

3. 120ml pET fine mist spray bottle

As the name implies, it is used to spray fine mist, such as skin water, skin-moistening water, and moisture-retaining water. Compared with the spray gun bottle, its spray head is very small, with a large number of small holes in the opening of the spray head. When you press the spray head down, the liquid inside will be forced to escape from the small hole because of the pressure. The holes are thin and dense, so the ejected liquid was a fine mist.

Main advantages:

  1. 4 oz 120ml capacity, perfect for cosmetic spray packaging.
  2. Very fine mist spray.
  3. Gloss bottle finish and cylinder round.

2. 1 oz small mist spray bottle, travel bottle

If you look at the size of the sprayer and the bottle, you can guess how much capacity it is. Yes, 30ml, really suitable for travel bottles, prepare a whole set for your holiday travel, put in your shampoo, shower gel, lotion, moisturizer, perfume. You can label the product name on the surface of the bottle to remind yourself not to use them wrong. “I carry four of these bottles at a time, the moisturizer will use a small sprinkler, the others will be replaced with a spiral cover, and I have never traveled to worry about my travel bottle.” said one customer.

Main advantages:

  1. Mini small 30ml, suitable for short-term travel;
  2. Separate packing keep your item clean;
  3. The low price of a single bottle will not put financial pressure on you.

1. 1 liter amber spray bottle, wholesale price

Large capacity spray bottle, in addition to HDPE large spray bottle, PET also can be made of large capacity trigger spray bottle, undeniably, black spray bottles are our main product, but now amber spray bottle is also very popular. Most of the customers said they wholesale this kind of spray bottle from us to use them as a car care cleaner packaging bottle or glass cleaner packaging bottle. Put on your unique label or screen print with a personalized logo, this bottle will help your brand promotion.

Main advantages:

  1. Cosmo round spray bottle, gloss bottle body;
  2. Perfect for car care, household care products;
  3. For cleaners, your customers will like large capacity bottles.

how to buy or wholesale empty spray bottles?

We are an empty spray bottle supplier, we own our spray bottle production line, to meet your OEM and printing needs. You can find our more spray bottles for reference. If you are a bulk buyer, what you need to do is to contact our sales, let’s take care of the follow-up.

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