What Kind Of Hand Wash Bottle Do You Prefer?

Hand wash bottle is a container that packing hand wash, sanitizer or liquid soap, it is made of an empty plastic bottle and a pump dispenser, we usually use it to packing personal care lotions. It is manufactured by plastic material like PET or HDPE material, they have to go through various quality checks before get dispatched.

what hand wash bottle designs do you have?

As hand wash is one kind of lotion liquid, many of our lotion bottles can be used for hand wash actually. Some of them are flip top bottle, some are cosmetic jar container, they are round or square shape in different capping options to meet the requirement of our client. Some small capacity lotion bottles will be good choice of hand wash travel bottle.

If you prefer to pump bottles, check our shampoo bottles, here are dozens of pump bottles for your hand wash products. We own small capacity like 30ml, 40ml, and 60ml, medium size like 120ml, 180ml and 250ml, bigger size like 300ml, 350ml, 400ml and 500ml, even 1000ml is available.

In recent years, wall-mounted hand washing bottles seem to be popular in hotels and shopping malls. Like the picture show below, the device is to install a metal fixed bracket or holder on the wall and secure an common hand wash bottle. There is no more special accessary. If you need this kind of wall mounted hand wash bottle, we can produce the empty plastic bottle for you.

some recommended designs

Zhenghao’s hand wash bottle may be not so unique but common and popular. Here we show you some popular designs as below:

Top 1: 250ml 500ml boston round hand wash bottle

PET round hand wash bottle
Capacity250ml, 500ml
Closurelotion pump
Recommendation Indexfive stars

The two bottles are believed to be the ideal type of hand wash bottle, they are made of plastic PET material, with glossy finish, boston round shape, this kind of lotion pump is perfect to match their body with a certain ratio, this makes them look elegant and beautiful, 250ml and 500ml capacity is suitable for daily use of hand wash, their round bottom can support them to stand steadily. Most of the hand wash bottles sold in supermarkets now are in this shape.

Top 2: HDPE square hand wash bottle

HDPE square hand wash bottle
Capacity250ml, 500ml and 1000ml
Closurelotion pump
Recommendation Indexfour stars

Happily, there is a set of hand washing bottles, with three different sizes to meet different needs of clients. 250ml is suitable for 1-2 person, 500ml is suitable for 2-3 person, and the 1000ml is perfect family packaging. In fact, we rarely find square hand wash bottles, so this is what make it special. Its matte finish is suitable for sticking waterproof label to highlight its logo. If you’re tired of round hand washing bottles and want a special bottle, they will be a good choice.

Top 3: mini travel use hand wash bottle

small hand wash bottle
Closurecan match with flip top cap
Recommendation Indexfour stars

The two of hand wash bottle above are bigger capacity, I think we should recommend a small-sized hand sanitizer bottle that is easy to carry when travel. And this 30ml bottle is in compliance with this requirement. We can easily take out the lotion when fitting with plain screw cap and flip top cap. This small mini 30ml bottle will place very important role when you travelling, it can contain your facial lotion, cream, hand wash, hair shampoo, shower gel, and will not take up much space in your handbag. There is no denying that it is a perfect liquid dispenser.

welcome your custom design

Custom is okay for us, no matter you want fruit apple shape, flat shape, PET jergen, PET mll, rectangle, tower, bell, or other special creative design, just show us your design picture and specific need, our engineer and production line will help you realize it. Many facts show that products with their own unique brand packaging can attract more consumers, so find a good designer to give your product a perfect packaging design, this make your product popular with consumers from the beginning.

what price of your hand wash bottle?

Many buyers are concern about the price of our hand wash bottle, Zhenghao is a professional supplier and manufacturer, we own our engineer, production line and factory, have made hundreds of plastic bottles, we promise that we offer you our wholesale price base on our MOQ.

Many of our clients are amazon online seller, website owner, startup business, their business is also facing the world. We are in Shenzhen, a big city of China with developed foreign trade, its supply chain and logistics are perfect. No matter which country and region you come from, your goods can be shipped to you. So don’t stubbornly to find “hand wash bottle suppliers near me”, just take into account your costs, you’ll find that Zhenghao is your good choice.

how to open handwash bottle lock?

Hand wash bottles are basically matched with pump closure, and in order to prevent compression during transportation, the pump heads of the new washing bottles are locked. Many consumers do not know how to open the pump lock of their new hand wash bottle. In fact, it is very simple, just press the pump head and rotate it, after rotating to a certain extent, the pump head automatically bounces up, and at this time, the lock is open, and you can start using your hand wash. Here is a video showing you how to do it.

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