What Kind Of Toothpaste Bottle Do You Prefer?

Which one do you prefer? Toothpaste tube, pump bottle or foam bottle?

plastic toothpaste tube
plastic toothpaste tube
plastic toothpaste pump bottle
plastic toothpaste pump bottle
plastic toothpaste foam bottle
plastic toothpaste foam bottle

Recently, some customers recently inquired if we can do a toothpaste bottle. In fact, the online toothpaste bottle includes toothpaste tube, toothpaste pump bottle, toothpaste foam pump bottle, and even aluminum tube toothpaste tube. As a plastic packaging supplier, we can do the toothpaste package of plastic material, so we have the ability to customize your plastic toothpaste bottle.

First, let’s get to know them.

1. toothpaste tube

The plastic toothpaste tube is made of PE material, which is very similar to our cosmetic soft tube. The toothpaste has a similar texture to the face cream, so our cream tube can be directly used to package toothpaste.

30ml hand cream soft tube


  1. Plastic packaging tube is very light in weight and easy to carry.
  2. The tube is suitable for all kinds of items, such as lotion, facial cleanser, shampoo and shower gel, so just take a set of tubes to pack your personal care products when you travel.
  3. The cost of tube is lower than that of bottle, which can reduce the cost of your product and improve its competitiveness.

2. Toothpaste pump bottle

Toothpaste pump bottle is composed of an empty plastic bottle and a common pump, like this one in the picture below. You can press your toothpaste like hand sanitizer or shampoo.

empty 8oz blue plastic cosmetic pump bottle

Many users publish their views in the forum, they said the toothpaste pump bottle is the perfect substitute for the toothpaste tube, as their hands are about to be broken. And the famous toothpaste brand, Colgate has a toothpaste product which packaged in pump bottles that is widely used and recognized.


  1. If you share the bathroom with your family at home, you may find the toothpaste accidentally left in the sink disgusting. To solve this problem, use pump-bottled toothpaste. Put it in the bathroom instead of manual squeeze toothpaste, enjoy the clean sink.
  2. It’s easier to press the pump head out of the toothpaste than the squeeze toothpaste tube.
  3. Empty toothpaste pump bottles can be reused, clean, after cleaning them, the small and lovely toothpaste pump bottle can be used as a dispenser for lotion.

3. Toothpaste foam bottle

This toothpaste bottle is made up of plastic bottle with foam pump. What makes the toothpaste foam bottle different is its foam pump. The special device of the foam pump makes the toothpaste pressed by the foam pump rich in foam.

250ml black PET foam pump bottle


  1. Many toothpaste foam bottles on the market are 60ml round plastic bottles. The whole foam pump bottle is small in size and easy to carry. It is very suitable for daily use and travel.
  2. The fine foam toothpaste can release the effective components to a maximum extent, which is more beneficial to the cleaning and full care of the teeth.
  3. The toothpaste foam bottle is suitable for all types of toothbrushes, including conventional manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes.
  4. The more unique style of the toothpaste foam bottle can stimulate your child’s desire to brush his teeth, this help solve the bad habits that he does not like to brush teeth.

Therefore, the toothpaste foam bottle can be recognized and used by more and more people, in the future, the market of this toothpaste foam bottle will be huge.

custom plastic toothpaste bottle

After you know them, you may have chosen the most favorite toothpaste package in your heart. Now please discuss or vote in the comments. Zhenghao looks forward to customizing the toothpaste bottle you want.

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